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Best Elliptical Trainers 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated February 1, 2018
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Edwin GarrettHELLO! I’m Edwin Garrett. Let’s discuss this topic to help you select best elliptical trainers for 2018 and take your experience to a whole new level with aerators.

In this article, I will be categorizing the items according to their functions and most typical features. I hope that my Top 3 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.

Let’s get to it!

Best Elliptical Trainers of 2018

The “Total” indicates the overall value of the product. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your comfort, style, or accessibility, we have picks to fit a variety of needs and budgets. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best elliptical trainers for the money? The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
Ease of use
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer with Flywheel Turbo Drive

Fitness Reality X-Class 710 Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer with Flywheel Turbo Drive

Turbo momentum drive’ features a 44lb flywheel, which is 3 times heavier than most elliptical flywheels for a smoother and more consistent workout
300 lbs weight capacity. Full 20 inch stride length provides smooth, natural elliptical motion. 24 levels of smooth magnetic tension resistance
Everything is OK.

Why did this elliptical trainers win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.


Ease of use










№2 – Elliptical Trainer with Handle

Elliptical Trainer with Handle

The compact standard magnetic bike trainer stand with 20-pound flywheel; Product Dimensions: 65 x 23 x 62 inches (W x H x D)
Exercise bike elliptical weight capacity: 276 pounds; a strong and durable 3 piece cranking system for high end performance and continuous momentum
Cheap feeling construction.

Why did this elliptical trainers come in second place?

This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery.


Ease of use










№3 – Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Stamina In-Motion Elliptical Trainer

Compact, lightweight elliptical trainer for the home or office. Targeted training-Cardiovascular fitness, tone lower body
Foot-pedal-only chassis fits handily under a desk or in a closet
Low-impact design protects back, knees, hips, and ankles
Not enough for all services.
On the more expensive end of the price scale.

Why did this elliptical trainers take third place?

The material is incredibly nice to the touch. It has a great color, which will suit any wallpapers. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new.


Ease of use










Elliptical Trainers Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy elliptical trainers, right? No!

Brake and Resistance System and Flywheel

The brake and resistance system and the weight of the flywheel are perhaps the most important factors to consider before purchasing an elliptical trainer because these systems control the durability of the trainer, overall feel of the machine, and how loud the machine will be when in operation. When looking for an elliptical trainer, look for machines with eddy current brake systems that use magnets to create resistance. Electronic magnetic resistance systems are the most common and also the smoothest type of brake and resistance system because there are essentially only three parts: the servo motor that moves the magnets into position, the magnets that create the resistance, and a computer board that signals the motor when to move the magnets. Electromagnetic brake systems allow users to control the resistance by simply pressing buttons on the console or handle bars, while manual brake systems use a tension knob that does not allow for an adjustable resistance level (though manual brake systems are quite rare now).  Because this system uses magnets on the flywheel to provide tension, the weight of the flywheel is also very important. Basic and standard trainers will have flywheel weights around 1pounds on average, but more elite trainers will have flywheel weights well over that, around 1pounds or more. The heavier the flywheel, the smoother every stride will be, but flywheel weights are not always posted, so be sure to ask about the flywheel weight if not posted.  Brands have multiple names for this type of brake and resistance system, some calling this “silent magnetic resistance” or a “quiet drive system.” Either way, look for this feature for the quietest operating machines that also creates a very smooth and natural feel.

Customizable Options

Customizable options are great if multiple people use the same elliptical trainer, but these options are also ideal in general for people who want to change things up or work multiple muscle groups. Possible customizable options include an adjustable stride, adjustable pivoting pedals, or an adjustable incline. Some trainers in the more elite category offer electronic or automatic adjustable incline based on built-in workout programs that automatically adjust based on the program and muscle groups being worked, but more standard trainers lack this feature. A customizable stride means that you can set the stride or length from front to back of trainer, shorter, usually at about 1inches, or longer, up to 2inches, depending on the brand and price point. Longer strides are ideal for taller people, while of course shorter strides are best for shorter people, but stride length variations can also be used when targeting specific muscle groups. Adjustable pedals are not offered on all trainers, but this feature is ideal if you can find it because the less you have to lift your foot to meet the motion of the stride, the less strain you put on your lower body. Some models even feature pedals that pivot with the natural stride motion of your legs. Fixed movement trainers are typically less expensive, but having the option to adjust several features on trainers make for a more comfortable and customizable experience.


Schwinn 470 vs. Nautilus E616

Both ellipticals have the same number of fitness programs, dual LCD screens, 2resistance levels, online performance tracking, 300 lb weight capacity, and integration with MyFitnessPal, making them equally well-suited to home elliptical workouts.

Even the warranty coverage is the same. The only differences were that the Nautilus also offered connectivity to the Nautilus Fitness app, and had an additional 1% incline.

Improve your cycling performance

In 2005, the Department of Exercise Science at Williametter University, Oregon, compared muscle activity during forward and backward striding. Tests were performed on the Precor EFX 54elliptical trainer.

Participants in the study were then asked to stride for five minutes at each grade and direction setting.

Low impact exercise

The motion of an elliptical trainer is designed to emulate your natural running stride. Your feet maintain constant contact with the pedals, to create a low-impact workout, even at higher intensity levels.

Striding on an elliptical machine also creates an effective cardio workout for anyone recovering from injury, suffering from low mobility, or looking to protect their joints. Some companies even developed foot pedals that pivot or have a two-degree inward tilt, to reduce stress during ankle flexion.

The limited foot fall also means elliptical workouts are quieter than treadmill workouts, even when the running deck is cushioned.

Ergonomic elliptical machine design

Some elliptical machines take this a step further by minimizing the distance between the pedals. This is designed to eliminate stress on your hips and back, as well as to promote good posture.

You can read more about this certification in our review of the Horizon Fitness EX-69-2.

Rear drive ellipticals

Being the opposite of front drive designs, the flywheel / drive axle is located towards the rear of the machine. This generally creates a flatter running motion akin to cross country skiing, and is recommended for low impact workouts, including injury rehabilitation.

The first ever elliptical crosstrainer was actually rear-driven, and created by Precor in 1995.

Console functions and custom user profiles

The range of functions and entertainment options available via the console is heavily influenced by the price.

In our Exerpeutic 1000XL and Exerpeutic Aero elliptical reviews, we noticed they only offered very simplistic consoles. This is common of lower priced ellipticals, where you often have to rely on a single LCD display, with a button for scanning through the various feedback metrics.

Number of metrics will also be very limited, and may include distance, speed, time, and an inaccurate representation of calories burned.

Elliptical machine consoles vary from the very basic single-screen designs, through to fully equipped workout tracking and entertainment centers

The Schwinn A40 is one of the most affordable ellipticals to also offer a collection of preset workout programs. Quick-select buttons have even been added to the console for easy access.

Elliptical machine entertainment technology

Quick-select resistance and workout program buttons, adjustable cooling fans, tablet holders, USB connectivity for charging your smartphone, speakers, MPconnectivity, and multiple LCD screens are just a few of the features you can find on machines at this price range.

Data Provided

The best elliptical computers will give you a range of data including distance, stride speed, time of session, and heart rate if you have the necessary adapter or if it’s included.  Some elliptical trainers feature the ability to upload your data to external devices or websites for tracking progress.

Incline Adjustment

The ability to change the degree of your incline is at the core of working out on an elliptical. Easy-to-use power incline controls are preferable to manual incline adjustment. The best elliptical trainers have the ability to greatly vary positions for a diverse and challenging workout.


As on indoor exercise cycles and Spin bikes, the flywheel helps create a fluid and natural momentum that keeps your elliptical workout from being jerky and jarring. It helps mimic actual motion. Dual Direction Flywheels – Dual direction is a nice feature that allows for switching your rotation for a workout of the opposite muscles.

Elliptical Trainers Match Your Speed

Elliptical machines are designed so that they never operate without you actually providing the power – when you stop, the machine stops, so you won’t get caught on the foot pedals or stumble at any time. You will also be determining the speed – the elliptical trainer will speed up or slow down to match you, not the other way around.

Sole Fitness E95

Ever wanted to make all little muscles in your legs to work? Even that without experiencing knee crushing impact? If you are nodding your head, then the E9machine, is for you.

Just adjust the ramp angle from level to up to 40 degrees. Other than only legs, E9has much more for your upper body. If you want your upper body in action then relax your legs completely.

The handles are of great use in this elliptical machine. Instead of just offering stability, they offer you the capability to control resistance.

This smooth elliptical machine has a heavy 34-lb flywheel. This will benefit you by providing a comfortable momentum. That smooth feel is coupled with a lot of resistance thus it promises a challenging workout.

It has got near-silent drive system. The system is capable of providing forward as well as reverse elliptical actions.

It showcases 9” LCD monitor which show all the features of health club model. The features include data on heart rate, calories, pace, distance achieved, time of workout, incline degrees, and resistance level.

These features are vital for you to keep a check on your progress at any moment. If you want a hands-free monitoring of pulse then heart rate chest strap is at your service. It also facilitates pre-programmed workouts.

Sole’s engineers love you people so much that they have taken care of your ease in all aspect! By adding a two-degree inward slope to the pedals, they have reduced chances of a lower leg strain. Plus, The machine is designed with oversized foot pedals which offer a great comfort.

Blocks LCD when setting your iPod.

Are you looking for a machine that fits the requirement list of the whole family? If yes, then Nautilus E61tops the option. It is the best elliptical machine in terms of price.

As the 20-inch stride length together with 2different workout programs fulfills the need of any family member.

Grip heart rate provides accurate readings. This date is vital for your safety during workouts.

The dual track LCD display can show the details of 1workouts at a time. The high-resolution LCD monitors facilitate you to cover the main display with a magazine and yet see through your progress.

The facility like data exporting and goal tracking can be utilized through Nautilus Connect. Goal tracking includes time, calories and distance tracking options. The device is also compatible with MyFitnessPal.

Together with data transfer to many fitness clients, charging station for a phone is also offered by E614.

Handlebars are movable which ensures the engagement of upper body while the lower body is managed by pedals. It assures a consistently smooth workout by owning a high inertia drive system.

Some users have experienced minor injury when stabilizing the system. Some complaint about having to grease the rail after every two hours to reduce noise.

Unresponsive customer service

Are u a beginner who is just unsure of how elliptical trainers actually work? This can be then your next thing! The Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat will guide you on how to go about. It is a combination of two machines and is perfect for the people suffering from hip, thigh and back problems.

It is quite inexpensive with Price. Moreover, at the same time is a value-added machine. It features smooth chain and high momentum fan blades that will provide you with the gentle breezes during the high-intensity workouts. The faster you move, the more your face will welcome these cool breezes.

It also contains a console which shows important figures like calories, speed, time and distance.It provides the ease to the user of either standing and sitting during the workout.

Its resistance levels can be changed to with the assistance of a knob. Its framework is not much strength and the body rider itself weighs just 6pounds. For this reason, the maximum weight it can pull off is 250 pounds.

The resistance in the machine is created by the pulling of fans with the aid of a chain. Its small size and light weight imply that it can be easily moved around in the house.

It’ design and stride length show that it can be ideal for short people. This is because it contains a stride length of only “12.

The dual option provides the customer to switch the working out modes according to their moods and requirements. Thus Body Rider BRD2000 Elliptical Trainer with Seat can be the comfortable experience.

An effective machine which has a low pricing and free shipping facility. But its warranty period is really short (90 days on parts only).

The manual and the instructions inside are pretty simple to follow and implement. But it is not recommended for those who are looking for a long-term machine with the great warranty.

This is the best elliptical machine if you are looking for an entry level elliptical machine.

It comes prepacked safely, and the manual explains all the steps bit by bit by illustrations. Its stride is non-adjustable and at the same time is very short.

You can’t avail smooth fluid movement and full body exertion. This owes to its limited stride length of about ‘’1This means that it supports the height of usual short and barely middle sighted people.

It has adjustable manual settings. Easy dial tension adjustment for the adjustable challenge.

Its large pedals are designed with ridges to prevent the foot slippage.

Don’t expect heavy metal parts attached to it. It is the most basic form of an elliptical machine that you will ever encounter. It may cause injury to tall people or they might hunch over because of the stride length. The bolts and screws need to be tightened on time. Or else there might be the chances of dismantling.

Ideal for the homes which lacks sufficient place. It has the advantage of easily being transported around. It is budget friendly and offers both forward and backward motions to try out various fitness regimes. With its magnetic resistance, one can be relieved of any kind of tensions or stress on joints and adjust the resistance accordingly.

The dial tension system in this works by offering magnetic resistance. Thus this resistance is closely followed up to one’s fitness level. This guarantees the functionality of machine as well as your power in the most effective way.

Its pricing range can befit anyone’s budget easily. But has limited warranty of one year only. No matter what your budget is the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical will definitely make your sessions sweaty and worth it.

Features of a Home Elliptical to Consider

A home elliptical needs to have certain features. These features differentiate the high quality models from low quality ones and home trainers from commercial ones. A built-in heart rate monitor, LCD display and adjustable stride length are some of the features. A good home elliptical trainer should have a number of features. Some of the most important features are:

Heart Rate Monitor

An elliptical machine with a heart rate monitor is so convenient and makes workouts more effective by providing users with most useful workout statistic. Heart rate monitoring allows users to exercise to their full potential as well as it avoids overtraining.

Hybrid Trainers

The hybrid trainers combine elliptical machines with recumbent bikes or exercise bikes. This type of dual trainer features a seat that is more upright like an exercise bike or reclined like a recumbent bike. This type of elliptical can be a good option if the quality is great.

Low Impact Workout

The elliptical offers you a low impact workout. Your feet never leave the pedal when working out on an elliptical machine, so the impact to your knees, ankles, hips and your back is reduced. Your lower body moves in an elliptical motion and there is no reverse impact, which is very natural motion involving very less impact. Elliptical trainers are ideal for people with stress or strain injury.

Reduces Rate Of Perceived Exertion

There is a reduced rate of perceived exertion with an elliptical trainer. There is some controversy to this, however, study shows that perceived exertion is lower on elliptical trainer based on the amount of energy used. To put it in another word, you can work out more easily on an elliptical trainer than on a treadmill or stationary bike.

Low Maintenance

As compared to a treadmill, an elliptical trainer needs very low maintenance. Unlike a treadmill, it doesn’t have a motor or a belt that spins. Also, the low impact of elliptical trainer makes it low maintenance. But the low-budget ellipticals are not well built and may break easily.

Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 430 is a perfect elliptical machine for a home gym and fitness fanatic of any level who wants a low impact workout. It can deliver an effective cardiovascular workout by combining upper and lower body flexibility and coordination into one impact-free motion, which is easier on your joints.

The Schwinn 430 features 2preset workout programs and 20 resistance levels that help you to reach your fitness goals. This elliptical utilizes Magnetic ECB (Eddy Current Brake) resistance, which has the advantage of zero friction, reliability, little to no maintenance costs, and quiet operation. It features front-drive, which is easy to step up on and is quite stable.

This Schwinn 430 elliptical features a simplified and streamlined console that will enhance your lifestyle. The SchwinnDualTrack two-LCD window system allows you to monitor up to 1different display feedbacks. You can track time, distance and calorie goals, then export metrics via USB to the Schwinn Connect website and other popular fitness apps. The USB port lets you charge your phones, tablets or music players and the 3-speed fan keeps you cool.

It features largely cushioned footplates that ensure comfortable and low-impact workouts. It has a standard stride length of 20 inches and can support maximum 300 pounds of user’s weight. The LCD console displays your distance, time, calories burned and the resistance level. The ergonomically placed static handlebars with grip let you monitor your heart rate during the workout.

However, this elliptical does not have the feature to incline while you are working out. But the angled moving handlebars let you find a comfortable hand position. It has transport wheels that let you move it easily from room to room. This elliptical has many built-in accessories like water bottle holder, speakers, and more. It comes with years warranty on the frame, years warranty on parts, and year on electrical and labor.

Nautilus E61Elliptical

The Nautilus E61is one of the best elliptical machines available at a really affordable price. It is a powerful elliptical suitable for home use. This elliptical feature 2customizable workout programs, 2levels of resistance, a motorized incline, in-console speakers, an MP input port, USB media charging and much more. Its maximum weight limit for a user is 300 lbs.

The Nautilus E61features built-in Bluetooth LE technology and USB port that lets you connect to the Nautilus Connect portal, the Nautilus Trainer app, and MyFitnessPal. The 2workout programs include 1profile, heart rate controlled, user profiles, fitness tests, recovery test and Quickstart. It has DualTrack two blue backlit LCD window system.

This elliptical machine has large articulating foot plates with cushioning and has Precision Path stride length of 20 inches with 0-11% motorized ramp adjustment. It features two integrated levelers and two center frame supports for a solid workout platform. Oversized crossbar tubing for extra stability and the transport wheels allow its easy movement.

It features ergonomically placed static handlebars with grip heart rate for comfortable use with heart rate programs. The user can monitor their heart rate on the LCD monitors. It has all those built-in accessories that any elliptical user wants, such as book/tablet holder, Bluetooth speakers, 3-speed fan, water bottle holder and more.

Its assembly can be bit tricky and takes time but it is well liked by the users. However, it is an effective and affordable elliptical perfect for home gyms. This elliptical is a true combination of fitness features and relevant technology. It comes with years of warranty on frame, years mechanical, year electrical and 90 days labor warranty.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine

The Schwinn 470 is a quiet-running and smooth machine that comes with great features that help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s an excellent machine with some high-end features like dual backlit display, heart rate monitoring, preset workouts, and more. It is a strong, durable and solid elliptical machine.

This Schwinn elliptical provides 2preset workout programs including the custom programs that you can set. It offers four user profiles, which is really useful if you have multiple elliptical users at your home. The preset programs include cardio, fat burning and hill training with beginner and advanced options. It also offers fitness tests, a recovery test and a quick-start option.

The two backlit LCD consoles display the fitness data, such as time spent exercising, distance traveled and burned calories, and more readouts. The console has large buttons that are easy to press while in motion. This elliptical includes USB charging port and rack for your phone or tablet. You can track your goals and export the data with SchwinnConnect technology that gives the connectivity with the fitness apps.

It offers maximum stride length of 20 inches, which is not bad but some users find it short. And you need to buy a chest strap separately if you want to view your heart rate during your workout using a chest strap. However, the Schwinn 470 is a quality machine at very reasonable price. It comes with years warranty on frame, years on mechanical parts, year for electrical parts, and 90 days for labor.

Horizon Fitness EX-59-0Elliptical Trainer

The EX-5Elliptical Trainer from Horizon Fitness is one of the EX series of front drive ellipticals. It is equipped with a SixStar (TM) certified frame and a pretty quiet and reliable motor. It is ideal for someone who looking for a piece of workout equipment with a low impact and easy to use. This elliptical trainer is designed for home use.

The SixStar platform positions your body for the most comfortable workout and allows for smooth constant motion that is easy on your joints. The built-in programs include Manual, Weight Loss, Weight Loss Plus, Intervals, Constant Watts, Rolling, Reverse Train, Random, and Calorie Goal. It has resistance levels with an ECB resistance brake system and 14.3-pound flywheel provides a smooth ride.

The Horizon EX-5console has 4.5” yellow-green LCD display screen and very basic entertainment feature like MPcompatibility. It offers contact grips to monitor the heart rate but there is no wireless heart rate monitoring option. This machine has built-in accessories like speakers, tablet rack, and water bottle holder. It has 18-inch flat ellipse footpath providing a more natural foot path, mimicking walking and running motions.

Its front-drive design and low step-on height make users more comfortable and confident. But some heavier people may find it small and the difficulty in using this machine safely and easily. However, it can support up to 27pounds weight and has a durable tubular steel frame construction that makes it sturdy equipment.

Another weak point of this machine is that it doesn’t have adjustable options, so it may be difficult to change up workouts or add additional challenges. However, this elliptical is great for any entry to mid-level users, which is affordable, easy to use and fairly reliable. It comes with lifetime warranty on frame, years on parts and 1-year labor warranty.

Nordic Track C 7.Elliptical

The Nordic Track C 7.Elliptical is a solid machine with a heavy 20 lbs. flywheel, which offers a consistent, smooth and quiet operation. It has 20” stride length that will accommodate most users whereas, resistance and incline options deliver more than enough intensity for anyone. It features 2levels of magnetic resistance and 20 degrees of incline can be adjusted automatically with the touch of a button allowing you to find the perfect intensity without interrupting your workout.

This elliptical features 2preloaded workout apps that were designed by a certified personal trainer to help you reach specific heart rate, incline, and resistance goals. You can access additional workout programs tailored to your fitness goals through your iFit account. The 5-inch backlit display allows you to keep track of your training stats and displays time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned.

The NordicTrack elliptical has a power-adjustable stride so you can find a length that best matches your natural body movement. You can increase your incline anywhere between 0 and 20 degrees with just a touch of a button to burn more calories and target specific muscles. With your iFit account, you can access Google Maps training routes, automatic stats tracking, daily workouts, and more.

It has dual CardioGrip sensors built into the handlebars. You can monitor your heart rate for more accurate results, as there are two integrated EKG pulse grip sensors that send readouts directly to the console. But it lacks the ability to monitor your heart rate wirelessly. Also, there aren’t multiple customizable features or an advanced console, as it is the basic model.

It has an integrated sound system that can connect to any standard headphone jack and projects high-quality sound through dual 2-inch speakers. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, years on parts and 1-year on labor. This NordicTrack elliptical is an entry-level machine at an affordable price, which is very well built and comes with an excellent warranty.

Sole E3Elliptical Trainer

The Sole E3is well designed and built to make your workout as easy and as comfortable as possible. The high adjustability and easy controls make the operation of machine effortless. It features the handheld heart rate monitoring and also comes with a chest strap for hands-free convenience. It is a well-constructed durable machine that delivers club-quality workout.

This elliptical features powered incline that lets you increase your resistance or work for different muscle groups without stopping your exercises. Most elliptical machines have 20 degrees inclines but this Sole elliptical can rise up to 30 degrees. And the controls for the incline are conveniently placed on the handlebars so you don’t need to take your hands off.

The stride can be adjusted from 20-2degrees that allow anyone to exercise comfortably and get the benefits of a full elliptical motion. The footrests are completely adjustable and have a slight inward slope of degrees to take the stress off of the knees and ankles. This is extremely helpful for the rehabilitation purposes. The machine also allows the user to pedal backward.

It offers automated ECB resistance from controls mounted on the handlebars and includes 1settings of resistance levels. The Sole E3comes with workout programs while some other trainers come with more. But varies workouts should be plenty for most people.

A 7.5” LCD displays workout data for training programs, which can also be displayed on the users’ own mobile device. It comes with lifetime warranty on the frame, years on electrical and parts, and years labor warranty. This Sole E3elliptical is a compact machine with whisper-quiet magnetic resistance. It is truly a great value for the price.

LifeCore CD550 Elliptical

The LifeCore CD550 Elliptical is a combination of persistent engineering and superior materials. It delivers the club quality fitness at the comfort of your home. It is designed for your body with a biomechanically right position that enhances your workout performance. The changeable stride out, stability, and balance gives you great workout experience.

This machine offers the maximum stride of 25”. The excellent original central drive system and narrower pedal make your body in perfect position during the workout. The ergonomically designed grips are contoured and comfortable. The advanced control center on the CD550 elliptical guarantees a comfortable and low-impact workout experience.

It features a new touchscreen console with blue backlight makes it easier to program your workout. The simple touch of a button allows you to select from 1pre-programmed workouts. You can monitor your heart rate during your workout with the handheld heart rate grips.


If you want a cheap cross trainer, the JLL CT300 is our top recommendation. With a light flywheel and relatively short stride, it’s not suitable for intense workouts. But for improving your fitness at home without spending a lot of money, it’s a great choice.

How to Choose a Cross Trainer

If you just want to know which are the best elliptical trainers on the market, keep scrolling to the next section. But here’s some information about how to choose the right model.

Stride Length. The longer the stride, the more intensely you can workout on a cross trainer. The cheapest models often have a very short stride, which is fine for a walking-style exercise but not for intense exercise. Shorter strides can also feel awkward. If you need a more difficult workout, look for a stride length between 16″-21″. Some of the best cross trainers also have a variable stride length, which increases the length while minimising the size of the machine.

Stepping Smoothness. A comfortable elliptical trainer needs to have a smooth stride. If the motion is jerky or unstable, the machine can be unpleasant to use. Smoothness is affected by the drive train and weight of the flywheel.

Resistance. Most high-quality cross trainers use magnetic resistance, but they don’t all adjust resistance in the same way. Cheaper models use a simple mechanical knob. Others have a motor system that allows you to adjust the difficulty via the on-board computer. A motor resistance system is required for pre-set workout programmes. There are also belt resistance cross trainers, although this system is typically only used on the cheapest machines.

Front or Rear Driven. The location of the flywheel determines whether a cross trainer is front or rear driven. Rear drive cross trainers usually have a more elliptical feel to their motion than front drive models. The location of the flywheel only has a minor effect on the quality of your workout though, so it’s not one of the most important factors.

Incline. Some trainers provide an incline feature. This allows you to increase the intensity of your workout while specifically targeting muscles in the thigh and stomach. Incline can either be set via the on-board console or manually depending on the type of machine.

On-board Console. Nearly all cross trainers come with some sort of on-board console, but the features vary greatly. The most basic just show statistics such as distance, time, calories burned and speed. More advanced consoles can track your progress over time or sync with external applications. The best home cross trainers also have the ability to read heart rate via a heart rate belt (although you’ll need to buy the belt separately).

Maximum User Weight and Stability. Make sure you choose an elliptical trainer with a maximum user weight that’s suitable for all members of your household. In general, the higher the build quality the heavier the maximum weight. It should also have effective stabilisers so there’s no chance of it toppling over during an intense workout.

Convenience Features. There are a number of non-essential features that can make a cross trainer more enjoyable to use. Tablet holders are great if you want to watch YouTube or Netflix while working out. Even a simple drinks holder can be useful to keep topped up on fluids.

Another important consideration is how much you want to spend. That’s why we’ve separated the list below into budget, mid-range and premium categories to help you find the best home cross trainer whatever your budget. We’ve also included short elliptical cross trainer reviews to help you make the right choice.

XS Sports Pro Cross Trainer

If you’re looking for an even cheaper cross trainer than the JLL that can still provide a reasonable workout, the XS Sports 2-in-is a choice to consider. It’s an affordable model that has some interesting features and a higher maximum user weight (110kg) than the JLL.

Like many of the cheapest cross trainers, the XS​ Sports is a 2-in-machine. This means it comes with a seat so you can use it like an exercise bike.

The ​combination of a chain-drive flywheel and belt resistance, however, reduce the smoothness of the machine. It has adjustable resistance, but if you’re an advanced user you won’t find the highest level challenging.

Something we like about the XS Sports is that it has a number of adjustment options. You can adjust the feet, handles and seat to find your ideal body position, which helps make it more comfortable to use.​ It also comes with a simple LCD display showing distance, speed, heart rate (via the handle sensors) and calories burned.

The XS Sports Pro cross trainer is a great option for beginners who want a cheap machine to help improve their fitness. While it can’t handle intense workouts, and we think the JLL CT300 is a better option if your budget can stretch to it, the XS Sports Pro is a convenient way to get low impact exercise from home. The seat is an added bonus as it allows you to work slightly different muscles.​

JTX Strider X7

Our top pick for a mid-range cross trainer is the excellent JTX Strider XIt represents a huge step up from budget models with a more durable design, longer stride and a heavier flywheel. It’s also suitable for much more intense workouts.

The Strider Xis a magnetic cross trainer with 1resistance levels. It also has a 12.5kg flywheel. The great thing about the Xis that the relatively large number of resistance levels means it can challenge everyone from beginners to experienced fitness enthusiasts.

JTX Fitness has also created the Xwith a 16″ stride length. This isn’t as long as higher priced cross trainers, but allows for a much more natural stride than budget models. It also means you can have a more intense workout that burns extra calories.

The touch screen console is also more advanced than those found on cheaper options. Aside from showing basic metrics, it also comes with 2pre-set programs. These include interval and fat burning modes. There’s also a target heart rate mode, which is one of the most effective ways increase your cardiovascular fitness, and the ability to save four personal programs. A bonus is that the Strider Xcomes with a free chest strap for use with the target mode.​

If we had a complaint about the Strider X7, it’s that the maximum user weight is 110kg. Considering it’s considerably more expensive than the XS Sports Pro, we’re surprised it has the same maximum user weight.

Even so, the JTX Strider Xis a fantastic cross trainer for losing weight and getting in shape at home. With its 16″ stride length, heavier flywheel and advanced pre-set programs, there’s no comparison between this and budget options if you want an intense workout.​ It also matches many more expensive trainers when it comes to quality and stability. In short, we highly recommend the Strider X7.

NordicTrack E7.Incline Elliptical Cross Trainer

The NordicTrack E7.is the first incline cross trainer on this list. With an RRP of £900 it’s not cheap (although we’ve seen it sold for much less than this), but it provides a great workout and a range of useful features.

The stand-out feature of the E7.is the incline function. This allows you to adjust the machine up to a 20 degree incline for a more difficult workout. The incline needs to be adjusted manually, but provides an easy way to increase the intensity of your workout.

Aside from the incline feature, the E7.is built with a 9kg flywheel and a 150kg maximum user weight. We would have liked a slightly heavier flywheel for smoother performance, but the magnetic resistance system with 20 levels provides ample room for cardiovascular improvement.

Another great feature of the cross trainer is its adjustable stride length (18-20″). This is great for increasing the comfort of your workout or targeting different muscle groups. It also comes with a bright LCD display with 20 pre-set programmes (weight loss and performance), iFit Live integration and an Intermix 2.0 sound system.

We think the NordicTrack E7.is an outstanding incline cross trainer. It can challenge even advanced users, while having a range of options to vary the intensity and difficulty of your workout. The 9kg flywheel is the only major drawback, but the E7.makes up for this with a variable stride length, incline feature and a highly durable design.

Drive systems

Based on the location of the motor (or drive system), there are three types of elliptical trainers: front-driven, rear-driven and center-driven. The first models of ellipticals were actually rear-driven. As terminology suggests, for rear-driven ellipticals, the motor and the drive wheel are

Footrests on ProForm 520E located at the back of the machine, while the footplates are situated slightly forward. Rear-driven ellipticals, tend to be bulkier, heavier, and more costly. But they also feature fewer mobile parts and joints, which may result in less maintenance.

Front-driven ellipticals are the second generation design. They have the drive wheel and the whole drive mechanism at the front, directly connected with the handlebar and console. At the moment these are the most widespread elliptical trainers. Some of the most advanced ones may still be cheaper than similar models with rear-drive. As opposed to center and rear drive models, the front-driven ones enable the user to lean forward slightly as they step. In some models, the motion is more similar to climbing stairs than walking, without any incline being involved.

Now, regardless of its drive system, a quality elliptical should fulfill its purpose accordingly, providing the specific walking/running motion, with the lowest impact possible. However, there are several other, more important factors than the location of the drive system to consider.

Another aspect strictly connected to the stride of a trainer, is the distance between the footplates. They should be as close together as possible, in order to supply a natural walking or running motion. If they are too far apart, they will cause unnecessary stress on ankles, knees or hip joints, which can result in soreness, pain or even injury.


The hand grips of an elliptical have a lot to say about its ergonomics. In general, the more grips they offer, the better. This gives you the possibility to change the position of your grip, and the placement of your hand, and evidently adjust the workout. Not only it improves comfort, it also enriches the spectrum of workout possibilities.

There are elliptical machines which have a fixed handlebar as well, along with the moving hand grips. This particular feature gives you the possibility to exercise while focusing only on your legs. It may also be quite useful to users who require a rehabilitation training program.


Depending on elliptical, the progress tracking consoles may be more or less sophisticated. The most affordable ellipticals come with a basic progress tracking console. These usually track speed,

Multi-function console on Sole E9distance, calories burned, and time spent exercising. Some of them also have an odometer function, which indicates the complete distance traveled beginning with the first use of the elliptical. Evidently, if the elliptical has pulse sensors, the console will also indicate pulse.

Other Aspects To Consider Before Buying An Elliptical Machine

Stride Length

Stride length can greatly affect the quality of your workouts and how comfortable the cross trainer feels to exercise on. The problem with having a short stride length comes from the rotations whilst you’re exercising. The movements will feel short, sharp and uncomfortable and the path of the pedals will be more circular than elliptical so you’ll travel up and down more, as a result this will apply more pressure to your joints. A longer stride length will feel exactly the opposite ensuring a far superior exercise experience. Try to find a machine with at least 1inches in stride for comfortable use.


Cross trainers are diverse; this diversity comes from the console and the features that are pre-programmed into it. All consoles provide a standard workout feedback displaying the progress of your workout with time, distance, calories etc.. This is pretty mandatory and you should expect to have this available, what does come extra are the training programmes.

A multitude of programmes can breathe new life into your training regime providing much needed variation with simulations for specific goals like fat burn or endurance. They’re not essential but try to pick out a machine with at least a couple, they’ll help keep you motivated and help encourage quicker weight loss too, you won’t regret it!


Who wants to train on a rattling, wobbling, rickety machine? Nobody wants to train on one but it’s tricky when you’re looking online to check for stability. There are a couple of tell-tale signs to help give clarity on this, firstly check the maximum user weight capacity, a good stable cross trainer should be able to hold at least a 100kg, if not more. Secondly it may seem obvious but pay close attention to the thickness of the frame, it needs to be chunky and it must be steel.

Folding or Non-Folding

The folding option can be appealing for a lot of people, and understandably so, some of these machines can take up a good chunk of space at home. We would however recommend trying to stay clear of the folding option, the problem is that the stability of the cross trainer can be compromised to accommodate the folding design so the machine becomes less durable than a non-folding equivalent. Instead try to find a compact rear driven option which will probably cover the same surface area as a large folded machine anyway.

Size Matters

Most ellipticals are heavy and have a large footprint. They are also stationary and not designed to be folded away for storage.

Ellipticals with the front drive type are normally more compact and easy to store away; some of them are even foldable, but this is rare. Center Drive ellipticals are relatively new to the market, but they typically have a more compact design than the front and rear drive types. If you have only a small space for your elliptical you may want to take measurements of the space and match them against the dimensions of the elliptical you want, just to be sure that it will be able to fit in comfortably.

The Console Features

Ellipticals on the lower end of the price scale tend to have consoles with very basic functionality, such as the ability to check your speed, time, and distance. If you prefer to have more high-tech features on the console of your elliptical, be prepared to spend more money, as these features are normally found on the more expensive elliptical models. Some more advanced features that you may find on elliptical consoles include built-in speakers, Internet connectivity, and built-in fans.

You may also want to look for an elliptical trainer with functions like a heart rate monitor and a calorie counter. These are great features that can be used to enhance the quality of your workouts and help you to stay within the limits of your physical capabilities during your workout sessions. Many ellipticals will also have features like a reading rack, bottle holder, and an iPod dock.

Tips for shopping

Use of ellipticals assumes running motion while eliminating the impact on the joints hence suitable if you have a problem with your knee or are recovering from an injury. The adjustable resistance and the moving handgrips successfully transform the cardiovascular exercise into a full-body exercise. For a typical elliptical user, a thirty minutes session may facilitate burning of between 180 and 270 calories according to the intensity of the training.

However, these figures should not worry you because you can find a reliable elliptical at a cost lower than half of this. The more expensive ellipticals are often larger and sturdier than the cheaper models while most of their parts come with long warranties.

The leading model is solid and has a chest strap for heart rate monitor, twenty resistance levels, lifetime frame warranty, improved safety features and features top-score heart-rate features.

For better understanding and improved rating, ellipticals fall into two main categories; the ones with heart rate monitoring systems and those without monitors. Surprisingly the most expensive elliptical model does not have the heart-rate monitoring feature.

You can find the cheap and the mid-priced machines in some retail outlets and online stores even though the expensive models may be available only in the specialty fitness outlets.

Whether you opt to buy from a local store or from an online merchant, ensure you try out the machine before purchasing.

It is easy to notice a problem, for example, your knees bumping against the frame as you work out or various components failing to work as expected. You may not notice some of these problems from past customers reviews.

What you should consider

The safety features: When it comes to safety, ensure you buy an elliptical with a variety of safety features. Only a few models have perfect safety features.

If you have children, ellipticals are quite dangerous since the moving components of the machine may trap or pinch the children.

Buyers with little children should prevent them from accessing the machine. The buyer should also keep the machine away from visitors and inexperienced people.

Size: The size of the machine is an important factor to consider. Typically, ellipticals are approximately six feet by 2.feet even though some models are small.

Ensure you high ceiling space sufficient to accommodate you during the workout since the user has to be in an elevated position than when using a treadmill.

The choice of the elliptical will depend on your needs, the model preferred and the space available. You will also require sufficient space in the training room to get off and on without any risk of injury.

Ergonomics: Consider your comfort while on the elliptical. Start by checking the handgrips and proceed to the pedals.

Make sure the pedals are a reasonable distance apart for smooth and natural workout. Additionally, the elliptical running path and the length of stride should be naturals.

Therefore, you should try out the machine first to ascertain every component suits you before buying the machine.

Adjustability of the components: You need to find out the adjustable features of the elliptical. Some models have incline while others do not have.

Others have automated adjustment functions and others require manual adjustments. With all these variations, ensure you select the one that suits your needs and budget.

Advanced tech feature: You may check for USB ports, iPod compatibility docks, wireless connectivity features and internet features if you are interested in any of them.

However, although these functionalities are common with the modern ellipticals, they are usually hard to utilize while working out, and therefore, they remain optional.

Assembly: some elliptical machines can go up to five hundred pounds; thus, you should inquire about delivery and assembly of the components.

Before you place your order, you should find out if the price covers for the assembly costs or the service is available at an extra charge.

The assembly service and manufacturer’s assembly instructions are important particularly if you experience challenges working with tools.

An experienced person may take approximately an hour or two hours to assemble the machine. The process involves lifting various components and applying lubricants while on your knees hence the assembly may require two people.

Manufacturers’ warranty: Consider buying elliptical that has two or three years warranty that covers major moving parts. A longer warranty may is not necessary in most cases.

Electronic programming

Most models have programming feature that allows adjustment of incline and resistance electronically. Cheaper ellipticals often have a manual adjustment.

Machines with electronic programming make adjustment easier. Besides, the user may feel motivated.

Console gadgets

Most manufacturers are introducing console gadgets such as a fan, LCD TV, and iPod dock.

However, you can opt to purchase the items separately. If they develop a problem, getting a repair service becomes a challenge.

You can also choose ellipticals based on brands. The following manufacturers’ profiles contain important information. (Arranged alphabetically)

Fitness Quest: It manufactures various fitness products including New Balance treadmills and common models sold via infomercials. Fitness Quest sells ellipticals at a thousand dollars or below.

Horizon Fitness: In dollar sales last year, this manufacturer was second to Icon Fitness products with seventeen percent. Its models go for two thousand five hundred dollars or less.

Icon Health & Fitness: The manufacturer produces and supplies the ellipticals under Reebok, Proform or Nordic Track brands.

It dominates the elliptical market and accounted for about seventy percent of money spent on treadmills in 201It sells the ellipticals at a thousand dollars or below.

Keys Fitness: It is based in Dallas and often manufactures Ironman elliptical models. Key Fitness models are priced at three thousand dollars or less.

Life Fitness: Home ellipticals by this manufacturer are available through the online stores or at the leading specialty fitness stores. The models within the price range of one thousand eight hundred dollars and four thousand two hundred dollars.

Nautilus: It produces equipment under Universal, Schwinn Fitness, Bowflex, and StairMaster. The price ranges between two thousand two hundred and three thousand three hundred dollars.

Octane fitness: It is a relatively new firm producing elliptical exercises that go for two thousand to four thousand two hundred dollars.

Pedal Design

For both your safety and your comfort, you need to invest in an elliptical exerciser with excellent pedals. Finding the right mixture of comfort, adjustability, and efficiency is key. Thankfully, this is an area that manufacturers rarely ignore. If you buy from any reputable brand, you are likely to get pedals that will stand the test of time. Always make sure you have the option to adjust the height That way, your tool will be good for all types of physics.

Console Design

The console is where the magic happens for an elliptical device. If you have a model without a user-intuitive console design, every workout will become a thorn in your butt. Having a console that is backlit, that provides a ton of information up on the screen at once, and that has easy to understand controls and menus is a must. Otherwise, you will spend half of your workout time just setting up your exercise plans and tweaking them without really sweating on the machine which is your main objective at the end of the day.


Don’t go around spending too much on a home elliptical machine. Make sure the machine you are buying is worth the price you pay for it. Make sure you have covered in case anything goes south.Thankfully, most companies provide very attractive manufacturer’s warranty options with their products. Never purchase it that doesn’t offer at least a year of labor for example, as specialized repair services can get rather expensive. Additionally, you want to aim for a product that provides many different warranty options on various aspects of the best elliptical machine

Elliptical Machine

The Sole Fitness E3Elliptical Machine is a fantastic mid-range model that provides just enough customization and motivators to make it perfect for both experienced and new users. How so? Let us look at the features that make it the best elliptical for home.

Backlit LCD Display

Nothing can ruin a workout, in the same way, a faulty or hard to use control system can. Thankfully, This Sole Fitness E3has a beautifully intuitive backlit LCD display to make every function easy to use. Even if you are exercising in somewhat dim light, you can use these controls without any issues

Manufacturer’s Warranties

This Elliptical comes with many useful manufacturers warranties, which help you to feel assured about your investment. It has a lifetime warranty on the frame, People get the five-year warranty on electronics/parts Additionally, they get a full two-year warranty on labor. With all of these wonderful services, you will be running on this product for years and years to come.

Custom Programs

If you are an experienced user, you know the benefits of customization. While the preset programs are fantastic for getting you started and familiar with your elliptical machine for home use, custom programs can help you achieve the exact results you want And faster than others too. Simply refer to the easy-to-understand manual that comes with the Sole Fitness E3Elliptical Machine, and you will be creating your own custom workout programs in no time

Dual-Track Two LCD Window System

You get access to the high-end Schwinn DualTrack Two LCD Window System with the Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine. That means 1different displays update you about every aspect of the machine’s operation as you go about your exercise routine. Due to this, the Schwinn 430 becomes one of the most intuitive products available on the market

Compact Design

The Schwinn 430 Elliptical Machine has a compact design that makes it perfect for users who live in small spaces, and those who run gyms. Additionally, it does not sacrifice features in exchange for its compact design, as many other compact elliptical machine models tend to do.I’m really pleased with Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine.It operates is very smoothly and comfortable. Even a 51-year old woman can move swiftly using this elliptical device.

Universal E 40 Elliptical

Want a mid-range home elliptical machine with all the perks and minus the fuss? You got it with this one! Universal E40 Elliptical machine comes at a medium-range price and all the features you dream of having in a machine like this. The following features will make you a fan of this amazing machine

Sturdy Frame Makes Life Easier

Didn’t you know, Universal E40 is sturdy. The frame supports your weight to the point that it doesn’t make any noise. This thing is pretty easy to assemble. Yes, you can assemble it yourselves. But I would recommend enlisting the help of a partner.The steel frame is backed by years of warranty period. This is solid when you look at how supportive the frame is. It holds its own under the most rigorous exercise routines.

Different Programs to Keep You Occupied

You know what goes well with resistance levels? Different programs to train different areas of your body. This machine has of them.Now you can train your upper and lower body either simultaneously or one at a time with these programs at your disposal. These programs strengthen your core and keep you fit.The handlebar is uniquely designed to help train your arms. You have the heartbeat monitor installed. You touch the handle and it records your heartbeat while you exercise.

Quiet Drive System

Some walking machines are extremely loud, which can be exhausting for both the person exercising and those around him/her. With Sole’s amazing “Quiet Drive” operation, you get the same high-end performance, without tons of noise. This is primarily due to the high gear ratio of the product, which makes for an extremely smooth exercising experience

Easy to Transport

The biggest thing that puts off customers shopping for elliptical machines is their bulky, hard-to-transport nature. Thankfully, the Sole Fitness E9features four rear wheels, attached to heavy-duty rails, that make it simple to move the machine around your apartment or gym. These features also help to make the machine more stable, allowing for a steady and sure performance every time.

Built-In Fan

Workouts can get stressful and messy. With this in mind, the creators of the Sole Fitness E9have provided a powerful and highly adjustable built-in fan to keep you from getting too sweaty or exhausted during the process. Home users will love this feature for the comfort, and gym owners will love how this feature keeps users from leaving as much of a mess after they have finished using the machine.

The Construction

It is made of durable steel materials. Although it is a cheap elliptical machine, the steel construction gives it durability. The parts are surprisingly well-crafted. Use it wisely and you will notice that this thing lasts longer than some of the reputed brands that people talk about so highly. I like the bolts and joints. These things don’t fall apart even after rigorous using for extended periods.

The Relaxing Fan

It has a built in a chain is driven fan wheel that is quiet and effortless. Whenever you do your exercises, you can turn on the fan to make sure you stay cool, calm, and collected through your session. The fan spins at a fair pace keeping you cool when you need it the most.It does not require electricity input to work

It is ideal for users of all ages and sizes

The digital console shows your distance covered, calorie measurement, heart rate measurement, time covered, and resistance level.

Its dimensions are 57.inches by 20.inches by 35.6inches, and it weighs 5pounds. It is light enough to move around. It does not fold.

ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer

This inexpensively priced machine is versatile as it can be transformed from a recumbent bike to an elliptical trainer in easy steps. Plus, it has a number of features that you’ll find quite useful. Let me go over them briefly for you

The Design is Impressive

The machine has a sleek modern look so you won’t feel like you have to store it when you have company over.It offers 1built-in workout programs, and 1resistance levels so that it can be used by beginners and those on an intermediate level.

Assembly Takes Time

Part Elliptical and Part Recumbent Bike—Total Genius.The ProForm Hybrid Trainer is the really ultimate in fitness technology. For me, this one took several hours to set up but Fits perfectly your living room. your best home elliptical Machine

The Console is a Winner

The small LCD console and New Watts Power Meter allow you to track your progress and make adjustments if necessary. The electric console is also iFit Bluetooth smart enabled, which puts you in control of your workout with a vast workout library and workouts specially designed by famous TV trainers Chris and Heidi Powell. An extra-wide integrated tablet holder keeps your device secure and in place and at eye level so you can utilize it while you do your exercises. It also has iPod compatibility

Few Other Things

It does not have a built-in fan which should not be a big deal if you have an air conditioner or central air.The seats, pedals, and console are adjustable. The pedals are also cushioned to provide comfort and joint support during your workout. It does not have in-hand incline control.It is not small, and it cannot fold away so you may want to pass it up if space is limited.It is protected by a five-year warranty and 90-Day Parts & Labor Warranty. To get a detailed idea, visit our ProForm Elliptical Reviews ​Things I Liked about this Elliptical Machine

Sturdy Build with Great Design

This one comes with a sturdy and well-built physic. You’ll be surprised to see that this machine holds up even with the toughest exercise routines out there. The frame can support people of all shapes and sizes. With the frame, you get a lifetime warranty. That will surely put you at ease and guard you against all the damages.

Precor EFX 5.2Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

If you are in for crosstrainers, Precor EFX 5.2is the penultimate thing I have to offer on my list of Best Elliptical Machines. This thing has moving handlebars, multiple resistance levels, preset programs, and a compact size. What more can you want?

The Frame is Cool

Nothing will feel right if you have a glitch at the beginning. I, being a person who likes to check thoroughly, pay special attention to the frame. Just to see how it holds up. Precor EFX didn’t disappoint.

The frame is welded perfectly. You won’t have to worry about it coming off. Plus, the weight range for this machine is on the higher side. So, it can hold bulky people and not break.

To assure users even further, manufacturers placed a lifetime warranty on the frame and all the welds. Now you can be extra comfortable knowing the franchise is here to back you up if anything goes awry.

Play with Eight Preset Programs

This is why I like these machines. These preset programs are set to challenge you in in different conditions. They help you navigate through different stages of your fitness training.

Expert fitness trainers worked on designing these programs. So, you will have your work cut out when trying these presets. I should mention that people will have cool down or warm up programs in the mix as well. Just like the NordicTrack Ellipticals out there.Go ahead, knock yourselves out!

Sole E5Elliptical Trainer

The Sole E5Elliptical Trainer might be the second most expensive product on our list, but its excellent functionality and compact design make it extremely attractive for anyone running a gym. Let me explain to you the features that make this thing worthy of the glory!

Durable Frame

Without a quality frame, even the best elliptical are worthless. Thankfully, the Sole E5Trainer has a durable frame that can easily handle many different body types. Especially for those who are buying the product for a gym, this feature will keep the machine running optimally at all times. Few compact models have this level of durability, so this really helps to set the product apart. Additionally, the model’s frame is very stylish and modern

Determine the right configuration Elliptical machine

There are three configurations available in the market. You need to determine the type of configuration you want. Then, you can follow-up for other considerations.

Front-Drive Elliptical: This type of elliptical comes with front drive wheel design. Basically, they provide good quality support. The pedals are used in order to provide you support. However, they create noise and vibrate depending on your usage. So, you need to think before you go with the design.

Center-Drive Elliptical: The drive wheel is located at the center. They are compact in design and provide good quality service. If you don’t have large space, the configuration is perfect for you. However, it will need more space than you may think first. The pedal arms will extend when you will do the workout. As a result, you need to keep free space for the extended design. They will provide you smooth workout time with less vibration and sound.

Rear-Drive Elliptical: If you want small housing design, then, this is your type elliptical. It comes with a rear drive wheel design for compact design. The design of the pedal can be different from model to model. It can come with a track-and-roller setup or long pedal arms. You can get incline design for the track and roller design. For getting a smooth and noise-free ride, you can get suspended pedals design. Although the housing is small, they come with longer design

After you select the configuration, you can consider the following aspects:

Ergonomic-friendly Design

An elliptical machine can prevent your body from flexible movement. So, you need to feel comfortable and flexible when exercising. You need to hold the movable handles when maintaining an upright posture.

Your wrist should not trouble when reaching or holding the handles. Otherwise, you will not feel comfortable doing the exercise. The frame is fixed design with movable components. Your body parts should not interfere each other when doing exercise.


Programs can make your exercise challenging and exciting. You may become bored because of the same workout daily. Elliptical machines offer some pre-set programs in order to give you a challenge.

You can also make some programs like you want. You can target heart rate, long distance, interval, hill climb, random walking and others. As a result, you can create your own resistance level. This will help to improve a particular area. So, set your program and try to reach it every day!

Additional Features to Consider

Along with the previously mentioned factors, you have also some other factors. They are not as important as I mentioned before. However, the features can give you comfortable and enjoyment when doing the workout. So, let’s have a quick look at the features:

Firstly, there are some elliptical machines that offer MPplayer holder with built-in speaker. This is a really impressive feature to consider. If you like listening to music when doing exercise, this is the best addition for your workout machine.

Secondly, there are some models that can connect with some app. built-in Bluetooth or wireless connectivity is used for this type of connection. You can use an app to setup your personal exercise program.

Thirdly, some of the models also connect with a laptop in order to provide data tracking information. This is impressive idea to track your progress and make a schedule according to the progress!

I prepared for you comparison of the best elliptical trainers on market. Check my ranking of top elliptical trainers here. It should help you make proper choice!

How to Choose an Elliptical Trainer

Not sure how to choose an elliptical trainer? This elliptical trainer buying guide will tell you what you need to know and what you need to look for when shopping for an elliptical machine. By making an informed comparison, you can select the best elliptical trainer that meets your needs and budget.


Dual trainers are all the rage right now and who does not like to attain the advantages of two products for the price of just one? The Body Champ Dual Trainer BRM 367by Body Flex is a fine piece of equipment that is in line with the standards set by the best of hybrid elliptical exercise machines. While the product is priced slightly higher than standard entry-level models, it comes packed with multiple workout tools that set it apart from cheaper alternatives.

The elliptical machine offers users a wide variety of exercises and during the time we tested the BRM 3671, it has been a blast seeing how much variety it offers for a budget-friendly model. There are 1programmed workouts that you can take advantage of and this quiet, compact machine will help you do it all. Maintaining cardio fitness has never been this easy and being able to get a high-quality hybrid elliptical machine without needing to break the bank are all most users can ask for.

The LCD display allows you to choose from a range of exercise options and multiple sensors are included to monitor your heart rate, pulse and it also keeps track of workout statistics.

Mistakes to Avoid While Using an Elliptical Machine

Here’s a small list of errors you should not commit while using an elliptical machine. Some of these may not be errors, technically per se. However, if you want to get the maximum productivity from the machine you purchased, you should stay away from these mistakes. Shall we check them out, then? We have covered them in a positive manner. So, you can consider them as some tips, rather than errors.

If you manage to get rid of these errors while using an elliptical machine, you can have huge impacts in one shorter span of time. To get all these benefits, you should also set some realistic personal goals for your own growth.

Wrap-up Elliptical Machines

Your personal fitness goals are what should drive you to make the right call. Before you purchase your first elliptical trainer you need to know the features you need and what kind of workout you want to undertake. There are plenty of bells and whistles that come in high-end elliptical trainers that you may or may not need. To reach your advanced fitness goals you want nothing but the very best that fits your budget. Make the right calls and find the right product based on your needs.

Space constraints are also something you need to consider because you do not want to cramp up space in your room and not be able to exercise freely. Find the right sized equipment for a comfortable training experience. We hope these tips and reviews help you choose the perfect elliptical machine for yourself that you can safely work out on.

Resistance & Flywheel

The resistance system and the weight of the flywheel are two of the most important elements to consider when purchasing an elliptical machine because they dictate the overall user experience, machine durability and noise level when in use. Look for machines with magnetic resistance as these are the smoothest machines currently available.  Electromagnetic systems typically allow users to change resistance levels via buttons on the hand bars or console.

Flywheel weight is also very important when selected which elliptical is best for you. Lower cost ellipticals machines have flywheel that weigh around 1pounds, but more robust trainers have flywheels weighing anything from 1pounds to 30 pounds. The general rule is, the heavier the flywheel, the smoother the ride.

Sunny Twister Stepper with Handle Bar

This next elliptical machine also made it on the list for its high reviews and unique build. What makes this machine great is that works out the Obliques with a hand bar built for twisting. Most hand bars on elliptical machines are only made to move the arms forward and back.

This machine is not only built with a unique design but is also made to be adjustable to any height. If you want to keep track of how long you’ve been working out, this machine can do so with a built in computer. The sleek design allows for easy storage. You can put this machine in most closets, making it a great home gym addition.

Sunny Air Walk Trainer

This is another Sunny Health & Fitness product. It made it on the list for it’s more classical design, and simplicity. It also has a low price that is affordable for any household. With it’s standard elliptical design and easy to use technology, it is clear to see why this machine had so many star reviews.

The Sunny Air walk Trainer has an abdominal support pad and a computer that provides calorie burn and the total distance of your work out. The company claims a smooth and quite performance and a 220-pound weight capacity.

Sole Fitness E3Elliptical Machine

The many amenities of this machine include a strap that detects your heart rate, adjustable pedals for a range of different strides, and a large and sturdy frame. This elliptical will be part of your home gym for a long time, which is another reason the price is acceptable for the product.

Schwinn A40 Elliptical

This is the economy version in the range of trainers made by Schwinn. Not as full featured as their more expensive ellipticals but certainly one of the better quality ones in this price range.

One other machine worth a mention at this low price range is the Exerpeutic 1000XL. It is actually not a bad starting machine – worth a look if you are on a tight budget and want a simple exercise machine.

The Proform 14.0 RE

This one is great value for a rear drive machine. For a mid range machine, this would have to be my top pick.

Apart from the ride quality, thanks to the rear drive mechanism, the Proform 14.0 RE also features ramp incline technology – meaning you can adjust the incline difficulty – and is compatible with the very popular iFit Live program.

It has an 18″ stride length, 1resistance levels, 1workout programs and a space saver design – so will fit most homes.

There are a couple of trainers also worth a look in this price range:

Sole E95

Sole Fitness have a great reputation and all of their machines offer reliability and value for money – they always come out highly in online reviews and this one regularly tops the best seller lists.

The E9has some really nice features only found in more expensive models – adjustable pedals, variable stride length up to 22″ and power incline up to 40 degrees. A 34lb flywheel using ECB resistance means this machine will make your workouts as challenging as you need. Follow the link for the full E9Review.

Another of my favourites in this group is the

Yowza Captiva usually priced in this range. Yowza make great quality machines and have really started to challenge the big names in home exercise. They look quite different from most machines – quite quirky – but make no mistake, they are top quality. I really like them!

For my money, the Precor EFX 5.2is hard to beat in terms of value – it really competes with the best of them. Is it “better” than the Precor EFX 83- of course not – but do you need the 835, or just want it!

Precor EFX 5.25

You’ll notice right away that it has a Rear Drive Flywheel – regarded as the best (read more about this in the guide below).

As you would expect at this sort of price you get lots of features including their own patented variable stride technology, reverse pedal action, automatic ramp angle and 1resistance levels. If you are a serious user this is the sort of machine you should aspire to – read my full Precor EFX 5.2Review here… and dream!

Another couple of machines stand out in this price range based on their quality and the potential value for money when compared to more expensive models.

Precor EFX 835

I’ve been lucky enough to use this machine quite a bit at my local gym and it is pretty awesome.

Features include 20 pre-set programs, auto CrossRamp technology, touch and telemetry heart rate monitoring and excellent warranty terms. That doesn’t begin to explain this trainer. You can read all you like but you won’t “get it” until you give it a try. For the full spec – read my EFX 83review

Machines in this price range are usually classed as light commercial elliptical trainers, approaching the quality you would find in your local health club. It might just surprise you how many people are buying this level of machine – but don’t worry, something a little cheaper will still get you fit!

Level of use is your starting point – for how much you need to spend on an elliptical machine

We have sorted our elliptical trainer reviews by price – look to the top right of any page on this website for the links.

Remember – Prices Change Regularly. Price ranges are good as a guide but you need to check for the latest price of each machine.

Front Drive versus Rear Drive Elliptical Trainers

At first glance this may not seem important but it has a huge effect on the overall quality of the machine. The high end elliptical trainers all have rear drive flywheels. The position of the flywheel can influence the balance of the machine and a rear drive will have less moving parts and so not suffer from excess wear and tear. The body position with a rear drive is always more natural.

Front drive machines are cheaper to make, and take up less space but at a cost to efficiency. It doesn’t matter so much with the budget end but for a high quality machine you should choose a model with rear drive.

Brake Resistance System

The brake resistance system is what allows you to determine the level of difficulty in your workout. The type will impact smooth operation and maintenance issues. There are three main types:

Electromagnetic Resistance Brake – no moving parts so are long lasting and reliable. Usually in the high end machines – most expensive but the best quality.

Magnetic Resistance Brake – the most common type of brake in the mid range models. Still offers a good and more cost effective method. Good enough for most people.

Self-generating Induction Brake – used mainly in the cheaper ellipticals.

User Weight and Height

There are a couple of parts to an elliptical trainer which have an important role in the height and weight of the user (s). Most machines will display a recommended maximum user weight – not to be confused with the weight of the actual machine. Most machines will comfortably support user weights up to 250lbs some can go beyond 300lbs – if this is an issue for you be sure to check the specifications before you buy.

The two major parts which effect user size are the frame and the pedals but also be aware of the stride length – for taller users. Stride lengths below 18″ are not suitable for people over 6′ tall. Best to aim for stride length between 18″ and 20″ – longer gives you more flexibility.

Frame Quality – One of the first things you will notice with a better quality trainer will be the build quality of the frame. This has a bearing on the weight of the actual machine. Lighter quality frames have the advantage of being smaller (usually), cheaper and easily moved around – but that is where the advantages end.

Heavier frames usually take up more space and are less portable but they have advantages:

Foot Pedals

What type of foot pedals are the best? The pedals are very important to your comfort but also the quality of the workout potential – let me explain.

Fixed Position Pedals – often on the cheaper models, just as they sound – the pedals do not move, so can put more strain on the ankles during more vigorous workouts.

Articulating Pedals – these pedals move up and down and flex with the foot, easing strain and giving a smoother experience.

Top – Tip… do not underestimate the value of this! If you try out fixed pedals versus articulating pedals the difference is clear.

The foot pedal size can also be something to look out for with cheaper machines, especially if you have big feet!

The Fancy Stuff!

Some reviews often spend most of their time talking in detail about extra fancy features – does it have an iPod dock, is the screen LCD or LED. To me, many of these features should be viewed as just little extras. Focus on the quality of the most important working parts above to get the best elliptical for your needs. That being said, some extras can help and are fun additions – just don’t buy something based on the LED screen!

Workout Programs

Most machines have pre-programmed workouts for you to follow. Some can be quite sophisticated – you set the program and the resistance and incline will change automatically at different points during the exercise program. You can usually adjust them by time duration as well.

Don’t put too much emphasis on the number of workouts available – the truth is that most people stick with a couple they like all the time. Having 20 programs doesn’t really add anything in the long run.

Heart Rate Monitors

They nearly all have them – with varying quality and accuracy. For me these are a bit of a marketing gimmick. People love to use them at the start but the novelty soon wears off. Unless you are a very serious trainer or professional athelete I wouldn’t place too much value on these. Good fun but not really important is my verdict.

Backlit LCD or LED Display Panels

The display panels on some models look very space-age, very enticing, but how much will this effect your workout? If you place a lot of importance on the pre-programmed workouts and all of the fancy options it is important that you can read the screens.

LED panels are best for reading at all angles – handy when you are bouncing around on an exercise machine. A backlit LCD will be almost as good but a plain LCD may be difficult to read when you are on the machine. I wouldn’t spend extra money just for the display panel type.

Every new model released seems to come up with another fancy feature – some can be useful but most are just added extras. Some common extras are Fans, iPod / MPDocks, USB ports and even internet connectivity. For some people they are important. I prefer to spend more for a better build quality or brake resistance system.

Light Weight Elliptical

What people usually look for is an elliptical cross trainer that is it should be light in weight so that it’s easy it move it around if needed.

But the problem is if the trainer is too light in weight it’s probably not a well built trainer and won’t be able to provide a smooth, whisper and enjoyable workout.

You can go and check any elliptical machine at gym or at local store that provides a quiet and smooth workout and feels like a well built machine and you will find few things in common and one of those would be their weight.

I am not saying that they all would weight equally but what I am saying is all of them gonna to be too heavy (more than 250 pounds).

I understand that if the machine is too heavy it’s would be too difficult to move it if needed but there are some trainers (such as smooth ce 7.4) that are well built & are too heavy in weight but they come with what’s called tilt-go-wheels so you can move it around with ease just by plugging those wheels in.

But it doesn’t stop there. Here is what else you need to know. Stride length of an elliptical trainer is equally crucial.

At the End of The Day Comfort Matters the Most

Comfort is the most important thing you need to look for in an elliptical. You can read elliptical reviews of different brands and different trainers at my blog.

It’s really that important because if you don’t feel comfortable on elliptical machine you are less likely to use it on regular basis and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

If trainer makes noise, doesn’t provide smooth exercise and doesn’t feel sturdy would you enjoy the workout? of course not. No one would.

And would you do something on regular basis that you don’t enjoy? I wouldn’t. I don’t want to push myself everyday to get that workout done; it’s too difficult, I would rather have an elliptical that provides a workout that I can enjoy and pulls me everyday instead of me pushing myself.

So the point is you need to make sure that the cross trainer that you are going to buy provides smooth workout that you will enjoy. And for that it’s really important to try few elliptical trainers before you buy any.

As a customer we all want three things from any purchase that we make and those are best quality product/service, great after sales service/support and best price.

But I have news for you; you will never be able to find a combination of all the three things. You will have to sacrifice any of the three things.

When comparing different trainers to make a well informed buying decision you need to be able to differentiate between price and cost.

Price is a onetime payment that you have to pay while making a purchase of an elliptical whereas the cost is something you will be concerned about the rest of the lifetime of elliptical.

This is what I would do and I suggest you do the same. I would calculate the cost of both of the trainers. Let’s say I am reading reviews about the first one and there are complaints from people who have used it or are using it about the noise, break down, not smooth motion, etc but it works and it lasts for years.

And the reviews for the expensive one are great. People love it, it provides great workout, it’s smooth, etc. Not only it works but it’s fun to do the workout on that machine and it lasts for years.

If I end up buying the first elliptical (the cheap one), I might workout for days a week because it’s makes noise, it’s not smooth and it’s no fun whereas If I buy the second one I know I will use it regularly (at least days a week).

Do you see the difference? Even after paying twice as much for expensive elliptical my cost for each workout is going to be 40% less as compared to the cost of each workout from cheap trainer.

Not to mention because I will use it more often I will achieve my fitness goals faster which is what matters at the end of the day.

And above numbers are real. You definitely can find a great elliptical trainer that you will enjoy to work on, which can provide great workout in thousand dollars range and will last more than years, for example sole e35.

The Must-Have Options on The Elliptical Machine 

When it comes to features, standards are not the same for everyone. However, there are several we consider as critical and should be considered as “must have options” for every person willing to use an elliptical machine at home.

Here is a checklist of key features to consider if you want to buy the right elliptical trainer:

The ability to make resistance changes is a must-have feature to ensure the elliptical has the ability to provide long-term perform, and continues to grow with you as you improve in fitness. The actual resistant change should be intuitive and simple to make the training sessions that much more productive.

A quiet elliptical is appreciated for its ability to avoid interfering with listening to music or watching TV. Also, the elliptical should continue to run smoothly and quietly through the different intensity levels, even the ones that give the most resistance.

Exerpeutic 5000 elliptical

The ability to measure your heart rate is an effective tool to determine all-around intensity and progress. It helps to work within a specific heart rate zone when using an elliptical machine or similar piece of gym equipment. However, if the HR is too low there is the risk of not achieving your goals while going too high is quite risky (high risk of injury).

One of the major reasons why many people stop using a particular piece of exercise equipment is boredom. But, the elliptical with multiple built-in programs has the ability to keep things full of variety and fresh. The option to select or customize a program is certain to be quite appealing and a great feature to have on an elliptical machine. Not all elliptical machines include pre-set programs.

A basic consideration in choosing not only an elliptical machine, but every other piece of equipment for the home gym is the total weight capacity. You want to go with a unit that easily accepts your body weight to minimize the risk of hardware failure. The max weight capacity on most of the elliptical trainers begins from around 220 lbs (nearly 100kg) for the entry level. The elliptical with the higher weight capacity is generally more solid built and able to endure the extended use.

Most of the elliptical machines are built with upper body levers to give the complete workout that targets the legs, hips, waist and arms. The synchronized arms are useful for those that aren’t doing any other strength training. This motion of using the handlebars gives the upper body a certain degree of strengthening. If you do intend to test an elliptical that gives upper body exercising, you want to make sure the motions are both intuitive and comfortable.

Not everyone will have space in their home to set up a permanent gym. So, this can mean having to relocate the elliptical after each workout session. A convenient feature seen on many is the inclusion of transportation wheels (e.g.

Exerpeutic 1000XL ). They make it really easy to simply tip the machine on one end and roll into a more convenient location. The Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical and Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E360are not fitted with wheels, but these are the smallest units so easier to move by hand if necessary.

LCD Display not Backlit

What we loved :  Very sensitive hand pulse to monitor the heart rate squeaks  Useful LCD display with plenty of info (odometer, pulse, calories, distance, speed and time)

It has the smallest footprint in this list, which makes it the best option for really small spaces

Quick and easy to assemble

The Best Fitness Cross Trainer Elliptical is a decent home exercise machine that gives a full body workout. This elliptical has a stable and space-saving design with levels of resistance and LED console (heart rate, calories, speed, distance and time). The movement of the elliptical gives a useful low-impact cardio workout for the upper and lower body and easily accepts the user up to 22lbs. (check the detailed review here)  The LCD isn’t backlit so not always easy to read in low-light  Stride length at only 1inches, impossible to be used by persons with big feet  Solid and stable when in use  Basis control panel, but still gives useful info  Multi-user experience (it accepts info for up to users)

No electric assist (like the gym) so you really need to work – but that’s also a good thing.

Assembly is straightforward.

Easy to read battery-powered display; shows time, distance, speed, heart rate.

Small footprint  Not overly convenient to change user info when more than one person uses this elliptical  Stride length is acceptable at 1inches, but the taller person may prefer something a little longer  Warranty limited to only one year.

Sole Fitness E9Elliptical Machine

Sole Fitness E9Elliptical Machine is the most expensive and most impressive elliptical trainer you’ll find your list. It’s like you are paying for all the good stuff you are getting. Viewing things from that point, we think this trainer has been priced reasonably. We tried using the fitness gear and we found the overall experience worthwhile and comfortable. We’ll look into its Design, Performance, and Features now.

Judging by the dimensions of 27” x 62” x 83”, Sole Fitness E9Elliptical Machine is comparatively bigger. It weighs 215lbs but can handle up to 400lbs while working out. It comes with power-adjustable stride and the maximum stride length will be between 20” to 22”. We tried using different striding lengths and all the sessions were simply superb. To take care of the ergonomics, the trainer is using articulating pedals and custom foot medals. Out of the duo, articulating pedals are an awesome thing. We loved those flexible pedals while working out. To keep the design stable and cool, heavy-duty rails are used by Sole. As you can see, it’s a rear-drive trainer and the installation may take up to hours, by yourself.

Coming to performance, Sole Fitness E9Elliptical Machine is powered by a Quite Drive System. Customizability is a cool thing we found in the trainer, especially in the case of additional resistance and programs. This works along with the 16-level Resistance selection via control board. You can pick a suitable program from the list of six and you can customize two workout programs by your own. Using the heart-rate strap was super-cool while working out. And, the 9” LCD Console was providing sufficient information about the workout and our progress. Miscellaneous features of this elliptical trainer include built-in cooling fans, speakers, dedicated water-bottle holder etc.

Along with the package, you get the lifetime warranty for Sole Fitness E9Elliptical Machine and 5-Year warranty for parts & electronics. If you ask us, we will say it’s one of the best elliptical machines you’ll ever have. You get some extra features and all the perks of customizability.

ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer is an effective choice if you need one of the best multipurpose elliptical trainers. It comes with a hybrid design that lets you involve in elliptical sessions, by standing and sitting. If you think you need emphasis for muscles on legs, you can sit on the well-built seat. It, being a mid-budget product, does not have many advanced features to offer. However, we loved the 15” elliptical stride and the adjustable pedals. They were able to provide an impressive work-out session in the end. ProForm Hybrid Trainer has total dimensions of 46.5” x 25.8” x 18”, which is comparatively easy for compact storage.

Coming to the functionality and performance, ProForm Hybrid Trainer offers a bunch of options for flexibility. For instance, you can choose a resistance level from the set of 1In addition, you can also choose one of the 1workouts. There is an important thing to be noted: ProForm Hybrid Trainer does not require a power connection, except for the batteries you put in the LCD Computer. We really liked the placement and simplicity of the control panel of the elliptical trainer, which let us shift between workout modes in a few seconds.

Altogether, ProForm Hybrid Trainer is a good, mid-budget elliptical machine you can have, and it offers standard features to go with.

Horizon Fitness EX-5Elliptical Trainer

Are you looking for one of the best elliptical trainers that offer better design and quality? Horizon Fitness EX-5Elliptical Trainer is an option you can count on if you have a semi-premium budget. when compared to the other trainers we have listed here, this one has a compact design, especially while considering the dimensions of 29” x 67” x 55”. Though it will be able to handle a maximum weight of 275lbs, the manufacturers have brought down the weight to 163lbs. we found it really easy to set up and keep this trainer running. The design lets you stand comfortably on the pedals and its maximum stride length is 18”.

Horizon Fitness EX-5Elliptical Trainer is powered by electronic resistance system and you can choose one level from the options. Although the flywheel looks big, it’s quite a motion and does not make much sound in the long run. We used all aspects of the Non-backlit LCD Screen, and it was satisfactory. There are workout programs. Each program was quite a new experience, not to mention the dedicated capabilities. For instance, you can even set the modes for different terrains like Manual, Hills and Reverse Train.

If you are looking for a mid-budget yet premium-build choice, Horizon Fitness EX-5Elliptical Trainer is a good choice. You can have lifetime frame warranty and other features too.

Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

This is perhaps the most affordable elliptical machine on our list. That having said, Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer offer the standard elliptical session and basic features. With the total dimensions of 45.3” x 23.x 59.1”, it’s also one of the most compact equipment for storage. We were amazed by the total weight of 51lbs, which allowed us to move the elliptical machine with ultimate ease. However, because it’s a budget-friendly product, you cannot expect any ultra-techy features with the package. However, you can choose the resistance levels.

Performance is where Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer becomes really basic. This is not to say it’s performing worse. Instead, you don’t really have an impressive set of features like adjustable stride length. That said, it is possible to adjust the resistance by turning the knob. Also, thanks to the small and minimal display board, you can know the calorie burning, distance, and other basic data. Nevertheless, the magnetic resistance system seemed to be awesome in the experience. The total impact of workouts was less, though. And, that is what we had expected from such a small and budget-friendly pick.

In short, Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is an effective way to stay fit. It does not the advanced set of features, but the basic fitness tasks will be smoother.

Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

As the last product in our list and reviews of best elliptical machines, Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is a well-built combination of affordable budget and standard feature. By spending half of the semi-premium models, you get cool features like mobile application tracking. With the dimensions and weight of 55” x 25” x 64” and 80lbs respectively, it is having a standard size, but the weight is dramatically lower than we expected. We used the trainer for a variety of needs, and it withstood with variable body weights. Considering that, we found the overall design to be compact.

Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer has a maximum stride length of 18” and there’s a Bluetooth-enabled tracker. You can connect the equipment to your smartphone and see information real-time. This is useful if you have longer fitness goals to keep. Also, it’s easy to adjust the tension system, thanks to the Magnetic system. You can adjust the tension from control panel — a feature we didn’t find in most of the machines at this budget range. Other notable features of this elliptical include the Double Transmission drive system, water-bottle holder, hand-pulse sensors and the larger stride pedals.

Summing up, Exerpeutic 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer is an optimal choice for those who need build quality and better tracking options. And, yes, it’s budget-friendly.

High inertia drive system

There was a time when homes and gymnasiums were filled with treadmills and other heavy equipment for exercise. It’d taken us a few years to understand the lower impact of those devices on calorie burning.

Elliptical machines — also known as Elliptical Trainers — were introduced as a method for full-body workouts and sustainable fitness. An elliptical machine is a fully-fledged workout machine that can simulate different types of exercises like skiing, walking, running etc. That is, depending on the requirement and fitness goals of yours, you can choose the type of exercise. Also, when compared to other types of fitness equipment, elliptical trainers are compact and can be stored at your home. So, an elliptical machine is supposed to be a storage-friendly and compact method for versatile exercises. Of course, there are many reasons why you should use an elliptical trainer for your day-to-day exercise needs.

The first reason is versatility. This basically depends on the type of elliptical trainer that you are buying. However, even in the basic models, you will be able to adjust the resistance and tension according to your type of workout. For instance, if you want to burn more calories than you did yesterday, you can adjust the resistance or change the workout mode. So, in a single device, you get a lot of benefits. Second, elliptical trainers don’t have a negative impact on the joints. Nor will you feel an unusual strain on movable parts of your body. As we said earlier, an elliptical machine manages to combine the effectiveness of workouts and the lower impact. Other reasons include better data tracking, analytics, and electronic-based controls.

You should keep the following thoughts in mind if you need to purchase the best elliptical machine for your home needs. These concepts are made for day-to-day use.

Size and Design

Before you purchase, make sure there is enough space for storing the equipment at home. The most important aspect is the height. We are not just talking about the actual dimensions, but about the height when you are using the machine. If you need extra features like adjustable pedals, chances are high that the elliptical machine will be huge in terms of size. At the same time, you should take a look at the sturdiness and quality of design. Of course, you are making a long-term investment when you purchase an elliptical trainer. So, be careful enough to choose the best.

Programmed Workouts

This should be a concern if versatility is what you are expecting. To keep things smooth, just see how many workout modes are available with the device. Around workout modes are fine for common users, along with the support for custom-made ones. This is, once again, an optional choice. That having said if you don’t know how to adjust resistance and move on, it makes sense to go with it.

Well, these points should be considered along with the pricing while choosing the best machines for elliptical workouts. It is great if you can try the machine before actually purchasing. Or, you can count on the experience-based reviews we’ve given above.

Elliptical Trainers Vs Treadmills

People are still a bit confused when they want to choose between Elliptical Machines and Treadmills. Let’s have a briefer comparison here.

As we said earlier, elliptical machines have a bunch of benefits to offer. First of all, there is the lower impact on the body. You won’t have any joint-based issues, even after the continuous use of elliptical trainers. Also, you can distribute the impact of exercise into upper and lower parts of your body — thanks to the movable handles. At the same time, Reverse Stride is an awesome feature we find in most of the premium elliptical trainers. In short, an elliptical can be used as a versatile and effective method for proven-result exercises. The only disadvantage of using an elliptical is that you may lose the dynamic element while working out. This should not be a big thing for most, though.

Coming to the case of treadmills, the positive impacts are lesser than the negative ones. It’s a matter of fact that treadmill can simulate natural movements in the long run. You also get the benefits of versatility and better tracking of fitness data. However, coming to the case of disadvantages, Treadmills are really harmful. Continuous usage of treadmill equipment will cause you issue like joint stress. Also, when compared to elliptical machines, treadmills are less secure. In short, you should be an expert to get the best from a treadmill. And, we know this isn’t the case for newbies.

So, in the Elliptical Trainers Vs Treadmills comparison, you have more reasons to go with elliptical machines. By spending a lot less than treadmills, you can have better performance and exercises — right from your home. What’s your choice, by the way?

Sunny Health and Fitness Pink Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

View Product

The Sole Fitness E3is, in our opinion, the best home elliptical machine currently on the market. This trainer mimics the motion and stride of a natural run, much like what you would experience if you were to go for a run on your favorite running or jogging trail.

Additionally, the Sole Fitness E35 can monitor your heart rate either through its handlebar grip monitor or by using the chest strap, which will help you to avoid overexerting yourself while using the machine. Other nice features of this machine include its fitness monitor with large LCD display, built-in cooling fan and speakers that will let you listen to your favorite tunes while you work up a sweat.

Not as sturdy or durable

If you are new to working out on elliptical machines or just want a basic, reliable unit without all of the bells and whistles of the more upscale machines, the  Universal E40 is a good choice.

Best Budget Model: Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer


One of the most important considerations is how much customization the elliptical trainer offers. Do you want to tailor your workout to suit your fitness needs everyday or do you prefer to use built-in programs that you can easily follow as you exercise?

If you want a basic machine that lets you workout without having to choose a program to go along with each day, you can go with a simpler model like the Universal E40, which you can use to exercise your lower body while getting the cardiovascular workout you need for better health.

Each model on the market offers different levels of customization. You can keep your own needs in mind when choosing an elliptical machine that suits your current workout needs the best.


As you can tell from the reviews, elliptical machines comes with varying levels of technological features. You can find models like the Nautilus E6that come with upwards of 20 different programs as well as LCD monitors that show details like your calories burned, speed, RPM, and more.

These machines also let you plug in your personal music player so that you can listen to your tunes. You can also use a USB cord to import and export your workout data to fitness websites or your personal devices.

You can also find bare bones elliptical trainers like the Stamina-in-Motion lower body elliptical trainer that lets you workout your ankles, feet, and knees without all of the technological bells and whistles found with other models. In most cases, the more basic machines tend to cost less than models that have more technology features like LCD screens, customization features, and other perks. You can keep this factor in mind to choose a model that gives you the level of technology you are comfortable using in your own workout regimen each day.

The elliptical machine that you choose should fit comfortably inside your home. If you choose a trainer that is too large to fit in your house, you essentially have wasted your own time and money.

Before you shop for an elliptical, you should consider the size of the trainer that will work best for the space allotted for it in your home. You want it to fit through the front door, of course. However, you also want it to fit well inside the room in which it will be used without taking up too much space or making moving around the room difficult.


Connected to the cloud through wireless or Bluetooth to your mobile device or laptop for easy training tracking, social network share of your training activities, joining in a competitive environment and access to a library of exercise programs.

Choose your preferred program

You have the choice of programs with the elliptical trainer which gives you more training opportunities than any competing training machine can offer. It comes with different programs for different categories of users: to burn fat, build lean muscle with high resistance training, whatever your goal is, you have the program tailored to your need. back to menu ↑

Center drive

This design has its flywheel positioned at the center of the machine with footpad riding on cylindrical rollers and a crankshaft. You will find this design the most compact of the three configurations due to its rounded construction for optimum space management.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Elliptical Trainers by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Elliptical Trainers wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Elliptical Trainers



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Elliptical Trainers is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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