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Best Fairway Woods 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated February 1, 2018
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Edwin GarrettHey friends! I’ve got something important to talk about today! After considering 55 of the most highly rated fairway woods and testing eight of them for more than 13 hours, we’re find the best fairway woods of 2018.

Just read here for my top 3 recommendations. Why are these 3 fairway woods on top of my list? Well read on… I hope that my Top 3 list will provide you great options in buying the right fit for you.

Let’s get to it!

Best Fairway Woods of 2018

Not all fairway woods are created equal though. There’s a product for every kind of user on the list of affordable options below. So this is not only going to give you an insight to the best fairway woods of the 2018 but also those which are user friendly and easy to work with. The table below summarizes features, and below you’ll find more detailed reviews of each good.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
Awards 1
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№1 – TaylorMade Men’s AeroBurner Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's AeroBurner Fairway Wood

New aerodynamic shape with a shallow face raised center crown and new hosel fin
New Speed Pocket increases the size of the sweet spot and reduces spin
Uses highest strength face material Ni CO 300 Super alloy built with new Matrix Speed RUL Z 60 Shaft and TM Speed grip
Everything is OK.

Why did this fairway woods win the first place?

The rear part fits perfectly! It is mounted really tight and reliable. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack. I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product.












№2 – Cobra Men’s KING F6 Fairway Wood

Cobra Men's KING F6 Fairway Wood

F6 CG TUNING-F6 Drivers featuring adjustable ‘Front to Back’ CG technology. A front CG position delivers a penetrating ball flight with more roll, while a back CG position delivers a more towering ball flight with greater forgiveness
MY FLY-KING F6 Fairways come with Eight easily adjustable loft settings to manage trajectory and fine tune launch conditions to maximize distance on any course, and for any swing
Expensive more then others and featured a bit less then other in our high-end picks.
It stank for a few days. The smell didn’t wear off for a long time..

Why did this fairway woods come in second place?

Seems that the material is good. It has a very beautiful color but I don’t really like the texture. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery.












№3 – TaylorMade Men’s M2 Fairway Wood

TaylorMade Men's M2 Fairway Wood

Carbon composite crown  – Shifts weight low for optimal launch and spin conditions
Shallow head design for ultimate playability from a variety of lies
Comes with real 55 and and arrow 620 ribbed grip
Not enough for all services.
The instruction guide is not very helpful.

Why did this fairway woods take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. This price is appropriate since the product is very well built. I hope that the good reputation of the manufacturer will guarantee a long-term work. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment.












Fairway Woods Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy fairway woods, right? No!

Club head materials

You will find that many modern fairway woods will have a steel head. The steel is not expensive, but yet it is a durable material which gives a robust and forgiving element to the fairway wood. Also, thanks to the steel, the clubs head doesn’t have to be so big as the drivers head.

Next clubs head material is the titanium. The titanium has the half-weight of the steel, and this light weight material provides the ability to manufacturers to push the center of the gravity far back in the head. The outcome is the possibility to make the ball become airborne earlier while reaching the maximum distance.

Head design

Shallow-faced fairway woods are better from the fairway and rough, while deeper-faced models are great for tee shots. This is why some companies have brought out very deep-faced fairway woods, because players need a strong alternative off the tee when the driver is misbehaving.

Material & Design

Fairway woods are about a third the size of drivers and have lower profiles (face heights). They feature higher lofts that aid in trajectory from fairway lies. Many players use their fairway wood off the tee for control or from the fairway for second shots on par or long approaches on par 4.

When purchasing your fairway wood, consider the clubhead material:

Fairway woods provide a distance and trajectory transition from the driver to the hybrids or long irons. Woods are manufactured with progressive lengths, with the No. wood being the longest fairway wood (usually 4to 4inches), the No.wood (4to 4inches) and the No. wood (41-40 inches). Length specifications will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Shaft Options

Fairway woods typically come with graphite shafts. They are usually the same weight or slightly heavier than the matching driver shaft. Fairway wood shafts are manufactured as R, men’s regular, S, men’s stiff, or X, men’s extra stiff.

Fairway Woods

Their star was on the wane with the arrival of easy to use hybrid clubs. Traditional woods are not the most friendly clubs for beginners to wield effectively. But manufacturers have been releasing newer models with added features to increase the forgiveness of woods. In a 1club set, adding a driver or two can be beneficial especially on the longer holes, usually par and above. They can function as a driver replacement as well as a reliable second shot club from the fairway. Their distance and finesse give them an edge over hybrids. Buy them once you start getting consistent shots with a hybrid. Things to keep in mind include:

Cobra Fly Z

A driver blending distance and forgiveness, the Cobra Men’s Fly-Z Driver is one of the best golf clubs that offers game improvement. What it lacks in advanced features, it more than makes up for it in loft modification through MyFly8, which is appropriate to its target market.

The wall structure around the face’s perimeter is thin, increasing the speed while the Crown Zone Weighting Technology relocates the crown low and back in the head for a low deep center of gravity (CG), by removing the weight.

The wall structure around the face’s perimeter is thin, increasing the speed while the Crown Zone Weighting Technology relocates the crown low and back in the head for a low deep center of gravity (CG), by removing the weight. The speed of the sweet zone and size increases with the forged Ezone face that eliminates weight from the face and hosel.

Despite the loft setting, SmartPad technology offers a square face ideal for the direction in which you want to hit the ball, not forgetting trajectory settings and a custom loft.​

Titleist 915Fd

With a biannual release, Titleist has upgraded the 915F to deliver outstanding performance from the tee and turf. However, this brand has lagged behind with some of the woods lacking adjustability despite other drivers having passed this milestone. Even with this lag, they are catching on to keep up with the competition.

The Active Recoil Channel running from the heel to toe, behind the face and at the bottom of the club is located strategically at the front of the club to enhance speed while reducing spin.​

Callaway X Hot Irons

A great series of beginner friendly irons with cavity back design and massive soles, there is nothing much to dislike about the X Hot iron set. The sheer variety of configuration options on offer caters to a wide variety of golfers. That kind of freedom of choice is nice, since nobody wants to pay for clubs they know they are never going to use much.

We like the fact that they are optimized for distance and launch, since these are the two things that beginners tend to struggle more with. And with ample forgiveness on those humongous soles, Callaway shows that they got their priorities bang on when designing these iron sets.

Full marks for consistency in performance throughout the set, something that many manufacturers ignore or fail at.

Titleist Vokey SMSeries

This is a distinguished jet black wedge that you will be proud of whipping from your bag on the course. The Titleist Vokey SMhas a sharp, constant groove edging and tighter class for enhanced spin thanks to a new parallel face texture of 100% inspected grooves.

It is versatile enough for a variety of players to get a fill of their preferred swing made possible by Bob’s tour proven grinds. It is workable for any course condition, making it one of the preferred sand and lob wedges.​

The New Love for Hybrids

Although golf is considered to be a sport, most golfers play the game just to get physical exertion, pleasure, or just to socialize with their friends. A very small percentage of the millions of golfers out there are trying to land a spot in the semi-professional or professional circuit. Statistics provided by the United States Golf Association has shown that 70% of all golfers have a handicap over That is why the majority of golf club manufacturers try to cater to this 70% because it will mean more business for them. The most popular category amongst golf clubs is for “game improvement.”

Therefore, golf club manufacturers have started developing new models of golf clubs which are easier to use and are more forgiving than traditional golf clubs. Golfers who have a high handicap or are simply new to the sport will likely pick longer clubs like the fairway woods or the bladed long irons. They quickly learn though that these clubs are tougher to effectively wield. On the other hand, hybrids offer the best of both clubs by giving you forgiveness, launching attitude, and a lot more accuracy. The best part is that hybrids can be used in multiple locations on the golf course such as the fairway, closest to the tee, or on the rough. You’ll find that most recreational golfers these days are carrying hybrids.

Callaway XR 1Fairway Wood

The Callaway contains a lightweight and contoured sole that’s huge. The manufacturer made this club specifically for people who want to improve their golf game. The design of the XR 1has the “Warbird” classic look to it. Not only that, but it has a backward “Moment of Inertia” and a high “Center of Gravity.”

Titleist 915Fd Fairway Wood

The 915Fd Fairway Wood is made for players who have single digit handicaps. The difference between the Titleist F and the Titleist Fd is the Fd has a lower spin and smaller head in comparison to the F.

The 915Fd features an Active Recoil Design, or ARC, which decrease the spin and increases speed at the clubface. Despite there being no adjustable weight options included, the hosel is adjustable with sixteen various lie and loft combinations.

The Golf Club

For now, let’s discuss what exactly a golf club is. Regardless of the type you acquire, a golf club will still have similarities. For one, it is composed of three parts: the grip, the shaft, and the head. The part that you hold with your hands is the grip while the part that hits the golf ball is the head. Consequently, the shaft is what’s responsible for connecting these two parts. Below, we’ll talk more about each part. three parts

The Grip

As previously mentioned, this is the part you hold with your hands. It can be made of either rubber or leather. A grip can also vary in size to help you choose the right one that would suit your hand size and grip style.

However, a manufacturer cannot just design the grip without taking note of the regulations set by the United States Golf Association (USGA) and The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of Saint Andrews. Thus, the grip of a golf club needs to be round. It can have various holes or ridges, but they need to be minimal in size to meet the regulations. These grooves or holes are included to improve your overall grip on the golf club.

The Shaft

As the part that connects the parts together, the shaft needs to be round from a cross-section point of view. The materials used to create a golf club shaft range from steel to resin composite and carbon fiber. It’s entirely up to you which shaft you would prefer, but remember that a shaft made of carbon fiber is easier to handle than a steel-made shaft due to its lightness. Still, a carbon fiber shaft can be costly.

Another important factor in choosing the shaft is the stiffness. There are six degrees of it: Ladies (L), Seniors (A), Regular (R), Firm (F), Extra Firm (X), and Stiff (F). The least stiff is the Ladies (L) shaft and the succeeding degrees offer more stiffness than the previous one.

The Head

Compared to the shift and the grip of the golf club, there is a great deal of variety when it comes to the head. After all, this is the part that hits the golf ball upon building up your momentum in swinging the club.

The head has four parts, namely: the hosel, the face, the sole, and the back. The hosel is the part of the head that connects it to the golf club shaft. The face, as the name implies, is the specific portion of the head that hits the ball. The sole is the part of the head that is nearest to the ground. Lastly, the back is simply the opposite area of the face section.

Iron Sets & Hybrids

Irons are meant to provide you with a variety of shots. They have relatively short shafts and can enable precise swings. There are iron golf clubs that can hit a ball far, but there are also irons that can be used to hit the ball for just a short distance through a high trajectory. Some irons can send a golf ball flying more than 200 yards in the distance, but it can also make the ball travel less than 40 yards.

On the other hand, hybrid golf clubs are a combination of a wood and an iron. The hybrids can give you high and long-distance golf swings. The head of a hybrid is similar to that of a wood club and has a convex-shaped face. Hybrids grant quick swings and favorable impacts.

Key Takeaways

New multi-material construction saves weight, moves CG low, back and toward heel • 6-layer carbon crown with 9-1-skeletal titanium body

Draw-biased design • More weight in the heel promotes closing the face at impact • Increased offset, slightly closed face, more upright position for R-to-L flight (RH golfers) • Slightly closed face with draw-promoting crown cosmetic helps eliminate slices

GEOCOUSTIC technology • Advanced sole shaping with recessed toe panel enables club face expansion for added forgiveness • Externalized sound ribs optimize clubhead vibration for exceptional sound and feel

Deeper, more active Speed Pocket • 3x More active than original Mto increase flexion and forgiveness across the clubface


Before you shell out even a single buck on golf equipment, take a lesson. You don’t need clubs to do tihs, so sign up for one before you even go to the golf store (see “Invest in Lessons,” below). “Teachers have equipment for you to use,” says Anne Cain of the Anne Cain Golf Academy in Amelia Island, Florida. “If you sign up for a lesson, I’ll let you demo the clubs.” This will help you gain experience in using certain brands and varieties of golf equipment, and a golf instructor can give you great advice on what to buy, too.

Find the right shop. When you walk into a golf store, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. You’re going to see a hundred different sets of irons, and dozens of drivers and putters. “There are so many products across so many price ranges, the first thing to do is look for help right away,” says Ron Partridge, a vice president of GolfSmith, a national golf retailer.

Choose a store with a hitting area. “A good golf retailer will have hitting areas, simulators and nets so you can hit a club and know if you like the feel,” says Partridge. This is important, because you want to hit a few dozen balls with any club before plunking down your credit card for it.

This will likely be your most expensive purchase. There are countless choices, and many depend on personal preferences and feel. You’ll benefit from having an experienced instructor (or golf store staffer) advise you as you try clubs from different sets of irons. These tips will also help:

Don’t insist on buying the best stuff. Sure, you can just imagine how sweet those titanium alloy beauties will look poking out your bag. But new golfers don’t need top-of-the-line irons. You’ll want to experiment with different equipment as you gain experience, and your preferences may change over time. Expect to trade up as you progress.

Focus on loft. The loft of a club, or the angle of the club face which affects how high (vertically) and far a ball flies, is one of the most important considerations for new golfers. “Beginners want a set that has the most loft on each iron, which will make them more forgiving and easier to use,” says George Izett, president of Izett Golf Clubs in Ardmore, Pennsylvania.

Loft varies among different golf sets, so do your homework. A tip? Read over the specs of the iron set, and check the loft of the 6-iron. One set might have a 6-iron with a 30-degree loft, while another set might have a 6-iron with a 26-degree loft. In general, you want to choose the iron that feels comfortable and has the most loft possible.

Look for “game-improvement” irons. These irons have a wider sole and are easier to use than traditional “blade” irons, says Partridge, making them a good option for beginners.

Get hybrids for your “long” irons. One of the biggest changes in golf equipment in the last last decade has been the growing popularity of hybrid clubs. Hybrids combine different materials to make the heavier, longer-shafted clubs in your arsenal — such as your 3-iron and 4-iron — a bit shorter and easier to control.

At best, hybrids can deliver the distance advantage you’d get from one of your “fairway woods” (the clubs you use for maximum distance) along with the superior control you enjoy when using shorter irons. Opt for an iron set that replaces the 3-iron and 4-iron with a 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid.

Sand Wedge

Start with a single sand wedge with 55- or 56- degrees of loft. A beginner will need all the help he can get in freeing his ball from the sand trap, and a wedge with this degree of loft will do the job. While many advanced players carry three or four sand wedges, new golfers don’t need to worry about that. When you’re starting out, one sand wedge is sufficient. “When you need additional wedges, you’ll know it,” Cain says.

Choose a putter that has alignment aids. Beginners (and sometimes even pros) can have great difficulty aiming the putter correctly, so look for a putter that offers alignment aids. These are lines on the back or top of the putter that help you line up the ball and hole.

Test the putter’s length. Before you buy a new putter, perform a simple test to determine if it’s the correct length for you, advises Izett. If you’re right handed, place a coin flat against your left eye. Squint hard to secure the coin between your eyebrow and upper cheek. Grab the putter and stand over a golf ball as if you’re about to putt. Now, release the coin.

If the coin hits the ball or lands within one inch to the right of the ball, then the putter is the correct length.

If the coin lands to the left of the ball, the putter is too short and you’ll miss your putts to the right of the hole.

If the coin lands more than an inch to the right of the ball, the putter is too long and you’ll miss your putts to the left.

If you’re left handed, reverse all of the right-left directions above and start the test by placing the coin against your right eye.

Golf Balls

Go cheap. New golfers should buy inexpensive balls. You’re going to lose a lot of them and scratch plenty more hitting trees and cart paths. Don’t be discouraged; it’s all part of the game.

Look for balls labeled “high spin” or “high trajectory.” There are many varieties of golf balls, but beginners should keep it simple and just look for balls with these two properties. They don’t require great force to make them compress, so new golfers can still hit them for distance. Most amateur players don’t have the clubhead speed to compress the balls that PGA Tour players use.

Invest in Lessons

Golf is one of the most rewarding and enjoyable games you’ll ever play, but it can be a difficult game to learn. Before you go out to the golf course, do yourself a favor and take some lessons.

Group lessons are a good budget choice, but if you can afford it, go with an individual lesson. Since each individual is unique, you’ll improve a lot faster in a one-on-one format. Plus, after a few lessons, you’ll be much more comfortable on that first tee.

To find a good instructor, you can check out resources like the PGA of America’s website, but often the best way is to ask someone you know who already plays golf. Avid golfers in your area will know who the best instructors are. Below are typical prices. “Air out your soles after a round of golf,” says Woody Hochswender, Golf Magazine’s contributing style writer. “Use shoe trees.”

Go tight. “Your glove should be snug, but not so tight that you can’t take it off,” says Izett. Make sure there isn’t any loose material at the tips of your fingers.


As a rule, jeans and T-shirts are no-nos on golf courses. You generally want to wear a colored shirt and long pants. If you show up in cut-offs, you’re going to feel under-dressed (and you might not be allowed on the course).

Choose a shirt with UV protection. “Remember, you’re going to be wearing it in the sun,” says Hochswender. Also, “pick up the shirt and feel its ‘hand,’” he advises. “Is it soft and compliant? Or stiff and prickly?”

Sold Out

Epic Distance for Every Player. GBB Epic fairway woods incorporate our revolutionary and proprietary triaxial carbon composite material to enhance forgiveness, power and accuracy in a huge way. The triaxial carbon crown weighs just 5.8g, making it an incredible 78% lighter than a steel crown.* The saved weight is redistributed into strategic locations within the head to maximize MOI and lower the CG, making Epic fairway woods extraordinarily easy to launch.

Find a Retailer

Epic Distance for Every Player. GBB Epic fairway woods incorporate our revolutionary and proprietary triaxial carbon composite material to enhance forgiveness, power and accuracy in a huge way. The triaxial carbon crown weighs just 5.8g, making it an incredible 78% lighter than a steel crown.* The saved weight is redistributed into strategic locations within the head to maximize MOI and lower the CG, making Epic fairway woods extraordinarily easy to launch.

Product Specs

Maximum Forgiveness from an Ultra-light Triaxial Carbon Crown

Weight saved by the ultra-light triaxial carbon crown (78% lighter than steel)* is repositioned to increase MOI and lower the CG for easy launch and added power. *Comparison of Epic fairway crown (5.8g) vs. XR1fairway crown (26.5g)

Faster Ball Speed from 4th Generation Face Cup Technology

The latest generation of our Hyper Speed Face Cup is more efficient at delivering fast ball speed across the face, especially on mis-hits, for increased average distance.

The Golf Spy

Any golfer, be it a seasoned pro, an amateur or someone who loves teeing off occasionally, knows the importance of high quality golfing equipment and is always looking for information that will lead them to these golfing pieces. The Golf Spy is one of the best sources for information revolving around golfing equipment and gear such as golfing clubs, apparel, training equipment, golf balls, rangefinders, golf bags and more.

Regardless of whether you want to train and become a professional golfer and walk with the likes of Tiger Woods, or you just want to be the best among your golfing buddies, you will require the best golfing equipment you can get your hands on. If you have played golf a number of times, then you know how important the right gear is. Sometimes a search on the internet might confuse you because of the number of different brands available and this makes it easy to end up with a poor quality product.

At The Golf Spy, we are determined to ensure that we provide information covering all the best brands that you will find reliable in your golfing career or hobby. We will guide you in choosing the right golf club, golf ball, and anything else that you need when you tee off.  To make things simple for you, we will provide professional reviews on different golfing products and this will assist you in choosing a product based of an expert’s experience.

Golf Clubs

A high quality set of golf clubs is the perfect arsenal for any golfer. A complete set will include at least one driver, irons, wedges, fairway woods – now metal woods and a putter. Clubs have evolved over the past few years and some old style clubs have been replaced by hybrid golf clubs. Playing golf is all about the golf club, the golf ball and the swing. With this is mind, you will need to get the best of club that will give you a chance to play safely and life a pro.

The problem with golf clubs is that there are quite a number of brands in the market and this can get confusing for a person who is just starting out on the golf course. Not all the clubs are of great quality which is why you will need all the information you can get to select a club that will serve you well and long. The Golf Spy is your best chance at getting golf club details that will go a long way in showing you the best clubs you should buy and what makes them the best.

Golf Apparel

When you are going for an afternoon of teeing off, you better be prepared. Preparation in this case includes the right apparel. You cannot simply walk into a golf course in football shoes and have a good time. You need golf shoes, gloves, shirt a brimmed hat or a cap to complete the golfing look. When you are choosing golf clothing, it is important that you select clothing that is not uncomfortable, restrictive or too tight. You will need to swing to hit the golf ball and this means that your clothing should allow you to make movements comfortably. You will need smooth movement and your clothing should allow you to do that because you will need comfort especially over 1holes for or hours.

Golfing has become a big and poplar sport and this means that you will find golf apparel in most sports shops. The problem is that in the same market, you will find low quality apparel that will compromise you golfing or give you a headache when you need to buy new pieces often as a result of quick wear and tear. You will need to buy golfing apparel that is of high quality and his means you should have details to draw the line between the fake and the real pieces. This is where The Golf Spy comes in. We have reviews covering popular brands of golf apparel and will guide you to choose golfing clothing that will make you look like a pro and let you play like a pro.

Golf Training Equipment

Just like the best in any sport needs to consistently train, there is no exception when it comes to golfing. You need to keep training to improve your swing and your precision. Since most people cannot make it to the golf course and training there might be quite impossible due to a number of issues; the best way is to bring the golf course to your home. There is no better way to do this than to have your own golfing training equipment. Golfing training equipment include golf nets, golf mats and a number of golf balls.

The good thing about the training equipment is that it allows you to setup your own mini golf course at home and you can practice for a few minutes after work to ensure that your swing and accuracy are on point the next time you are on the real golf course. There are many items that you can purchase to assist you in your training not only at home but also on the golf course. At The Golf Spy, we have reviews that cover the different training gears that you will need in your training sessions. The reviews are unbiased and are based on expert experience and on the quality of the different products.

Golf Rangefinders

Technology has really changed the way sports are played and one among the technological pieces that have found their way into golfing are the rangefinders. With these devices, you can precisely know the distance between you and the flagstick, giving you a chance to calculate your swing and improve your performance.

Rangefinders are used by all the top golfers and if you are just starting out or you are a pro player, you will need the assistance offered by these gadgets. A rangefinder will simply eliminate the guesswork that results in inaccurate swings and once you start using one, you will notice an improvement in your precision. There are different rangefinders from different manufacturers and this means that you might be a little bit confused when buying one. For this reason, The Golf Spy has ensured that you can access the best reviews on rangefinders that are accurate and highly functional through multiple reviews covering different brand thus making it easier for you.

Golf Bags

Golf bags are important for any golfer because this is where all the clubs, golf balls and other equipment are kept. Like other golf pieces, golf bags have evolved over time and are now made of lighter materials that are strong. There are different bags aimed at different players and these bags come from different manufacturers. This means that you can have a difficult time choosing the ideal golf bag when you don’t have all the necessary details to assist you in your shopping. There are some important factors that you will need to consider when buying a golf bag including the items you will be carrying in the bag and your golfing tendencies.

At The Golf Spy, we have reviews covering different golf bags from different manufactures. These reviews are provided by experts and are aimed at ensuring that you make an informed choice when you are buying your golf bag.





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Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Fairway Woods wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Fairway Woods



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