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Best Hitting Mats 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated February 1, 2018
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Edwin GarrettHELLO! I’m Edwin Garrett. After more than 35 hours of research and testing, which included using 20 different hitting mats in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best hitting mats of 2018

My main objective is to write article on these subject so that buyers like you can have the best assistance and education in making that next purchase. Without further-a-do, let’s take a look at the Top 3 list in 2018 which are available in the market.

Best Hitting Mats of 2018

You can make a choice based on the my list as you shop. Now, let’s get to the gist of the matter: which are the best hitting mats for the money?

You must have heard that the best hitting mats should allow you to save money, right? Sure, but that’s not the only reason you should consider getting one. I have a variety of material used in the construction of hitting mats including metal, plastic, and glass.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
4 points
5 points
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№1 – AlignRight Golf Hitting Mat

AlignRight Golf Hitting Mat

DEADLY AIM. Lines allow for perfect pre shot aim.
ALIGNMENT. Patent pending design allows for consistent feet and ball alignment.
PERFECT PRACTICE. Recreate different club shot alignment to muscle memory.
Nothing, except that I wasted too much time making my choice.

Why did this hitting mats win the first place?

I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! I don’t know anything about other models from this brand, but I am fully satisfied with this product. I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! The material is stylish, but it smells for the first couple of days.












№2 – StrideRight Pro Grade Turf Hitting Mat

StrideRight Pro Grade Turf Hitting Mat

The mat allows hitter to create and commit a consistent stance to muscle memory
The labeled grid allows for instant feedback and easy instruction
Used by Michigan State Baseball. “I highly recommend the StrideRight for anyone ready to fine tune their fundamentals.” – Skylar Meade Michigan State
Heavy in weight as compared to others in our lineup.
A little more expensive than comparable models.

Why did this hitting mats come in second place?

The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. This is a pretty decent product that perfectly fitted the interior of our office. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I recommend you to consider buying this model, it definitely worth its money.












№3 – StrideRight Turf Hitting Mat

StrideRight Turf Hitting Mat

Aids in developing a more consistent stance and stride.
The labeled grid lines allow for instant feedback and easy instruction.
Hitting starts from the ground up. This mat helps to find where you are most balanced and powerful.
Not suited for novices.
High cost.

Why did this hitting mats take third place?

I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time. It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials.












Hitting Mats Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy hitting mats, right? No!

TrueStrike Golf Mat

One of the biggest problems that traditional driving range and home golf mats have is that they don’t provide accurate shot analysis and feedback. Why? Because the hitting surface is much harder than a typical fairway. An iron that descends into turf carves a divot. An iron descending onto a rigid surface bounces back up. This lack of realism greatly diminishes your capacity for quality practice. Any golfer who loves his 7-iron at the driving range but hates it out on the course will understand.

The TrueStrike golf mat addresses this problem head-on with an innovation called Fairway Forgiveness™. As the name suggests, this is a mat that imitates the softness of the fairway, absorbing the clubhead as if it were cutting through real turf. The result is an accurate ball flight (to within 5% accuracy of a shot taken off a genuine fairway according to the makers) and less strain on your body.

TrueStrike works by applying a layer of gel directly below the top surface. This gel reacts to the descending clubhead, compressing downward like actual turf, thereby simulating the real conditions of golf. Off the course, it doesn’t get more realistic than this.

FairwayPro Golf Mat System

Have you ever noticed how it’s impossible to hit fat shots at the driving range? That’s because those hard range mats aren’t as forgiving as real turf. Instead of taking a big divot and watching your ball come up thirty yards short of the green, the clubhead bounces off the range mat and catches the ball thin. The ball takes off and sometimes it looks like you’ve managed to hit a reasonably good shot. The only sign that something went wrong with your swing is the shock felt in your hands, wrists, and arms. In short, standard range mats give poor shot feedback.

The FairwayPro addresses this problem with it’s brilliantly innovated “sliding turf” mechanism. This ingenious mat mimics the actual forward motion of real turf giving way to the force of the clubhead. But instead of producing a divot, the FairwayPro mat slides forward on impact, before snapping back into place ready for your next shot. Check out the video to the right to see just how it works.

The people behind this product have labelled it “a divot simulator” because it allows you to hit down and through the ball (the optimal angle of approach which creates the divot on a real course) creating compression and gaining realistic analysis on the quality of your shot.

Not only does the FairwayPro enhance your practice time with added realism, it also imparts less stress on your body than a standard mat, greatly reducing the risk of injury.

All-in-all, this an exciting golf mat that will not only help you improve your game via improved shot feedback, but also bring a greater level of enjoyment to your practice sessions.

36″ X 60″ XL Super Tee Golf Mat – Holds A Wooden Tee

TT3660 Monster Tee Golf Turf

The Monster Tee Golf Turf operates in a similar fashion to the Real Feel golf mat using dense fibers, termed “spring crimped nylon,” to create a cushion that reduces clubhead bounce and minimizes impact stress on the body.

The Monster Tee has a thin urethane underside which reduces it to almost half the weight of its equivalent size in the Country Club Real Feel range. Although it may not have the heavy-duty feel of its costlier competitor, the Monster Tee Golf Turf will also accept a real golf tee removing the necessity to hit from a predetermined height.

Callaway FT Launch Zone Mat

This portable mat by market-leader Callaway is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a cheap but durable hitting surface.

At 8″ X 16″ it’s one of the smallest mats on the market, but don’t let that put you off. The tough rubber underside is heavy enough to prevent the mat from sliding around — unless you make the type of swing that would dig up a bucket-sized divot out on the course!

Although Callaway has tried to design this mat with the beginner in mind (see slopping front edge that minimizes chance of club-mat collision on the downswing), the Launch Zone is probably too small, and possibly too intimidating, for new or hopelessly inept players. Have at least some experience and swing competence before buying the Launch Zone.

The cons of purchasing the Callaway FT Launch Zone are few, however, some consumers have reported that the mat emits an unrelenting rubbery odor that doesn’t appear to subside after sustained use — maybe something to consider if you’re buying this product to use indoors, but it is hardly of great concern if you plan to use it in the garage or yard.

FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat

The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is an ingenious addition to the golf mat family. This is one of the first mats to utilize sliding technology to provide a more realistic ball striking experience. There are multiple pros and cons to using a new technology like this to simulate a real world event though. The first pro to using a mat like this is that you can avoid the painful shock and impact of hitting fat shots with the traditional mat. The first con to this mat is that with more moving pieces comes more chance for malfunction.

Standard golf mats will not break in the same way that this device breaks. Standard golf mats simply provide the user with a platform to practice his swing from; this device utilizes a mechanism to artificially move your hitting surface forward and backwards with each shoddy take. This hitting mat works exceptionally well for lower volume but when you start hitting hundreds and hundreds of golf balls a day you can run into serious problems with moving parts. The FairwayPro Divot Simulator Golf Mat is the only choice for people who want the most realistic experience they can get while still hitting off of an artificial surface.

Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat

The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is one of the smallest hitting mats available today. The advantage to buying a smaller hitting mat is that you must focus on consistently being in a perfect impact position or you run the risk of damaging your golf clubs and hurting yourself in the process. This small hitting mat also offers a heavier weight, than the majority of its competitors, so that it will not slide upon impact.

Callaway has integrated their patented tee holding technology, which can hold any type of tee directly in the mat. This hitting mat is extremely useful for people who are working with limited space and a limited budget. The quality and build of this mat are second to none when you take into account the durability that this little guy has to offer. The Callaway FT Launch Zone Hitting Mat is a phenomenal swing mat for the more experienced golfers.

SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat

The SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat almost identically simulates natural grass movement while practicing your golf swing. This divot simulating technology greatly helps reduce shock and injury to your body. This hitting mat can be used either at the driving range or at home but you must figure out a way to make it level with your stance height.

These SKLZ glide pad is extremely portable at only pounds and can be brought anywhere you need to practice your golf game. The proprietary sliding mechanism is what gives this product its competitive edge.

This hitting mat features a 10” x 19” hitting surface that can also support real wooden tees directly in the mat. The thick and durable turf that this mat is constructed with ensures that it will not break down or deteriorate for thousands and thousands of shots.

The only weak point that may exist on this golf mat/training aid is the actual sliding mechanism itself. It is unclear how many shots approximately this golf mat can handle but eventually the sliding mechanism will have to give. The SKLZ Glide Pad Divot Simulator Golf Mat makes practicing without real grass a whole lot easier.

Exclusive Pro Hitting Strip

The Exclusive Pro Hitting Strip is a smaller more compact hitting mat that provides you with a very solid hitting area to practice striking golf balls on. This mat can help you improve your swing by providing you with real time feedback as to whether or not you are making solid contact.

If you are a hitting your shots consistently heavy, than this mat will give you the feedback to realize that you need to bottom out your divot more in front of the golf ball. If you’re only hitting the golf ball on the bottom few grooves of the clubface, than this mat will let you know that you need to hit more down and through the golf ball.

Solid impact is so crucial to playing consistent golf that this mat could be a life changer if used correctly. This mat is made from 100% nylon and directly holds a wooden tee. This inch thick golf mat greatly reduces your risk of injury by absorbing the shock that your elbows and wrist would normally have to handle. The Exclusive Pro Hitting Strip is a great tool to use to get a more tactful feel on how you are actually striking the golf.

Golf Mats

Golf hitting mats are used to practice your game from the comfort of your home. The best golf mat will simulate the conditions of a real golf range as they help you smash ball after ball thereby giving you a feel of being in a golf course

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net with Target

The Quickster Golf Net from SKLZ is the perfect solution for any golfer that wants to develop their game and refine their swing with convenience and comfort. Compared with several other nets on the market, the Quickster is extremely easy set up and you will be up and running in no time, even if you don’t even read the instruction manual. The Quickster is one of the largest, quick-assembly golf training net that you will find on the market today, standing at 8’x8’.

It can be said about the Quickster golf net that its production team needs to raise their quality standards a little bit because this unit is not built with the same quality values in mind like the big brands. Nevertheless, this golf net features an extremely appealing price-tag and is ideal for kids and teenagers to practice their swing.

With such a large and spacious net, you are able to sharpen your focus and practice various types of swings. This compact and easy to use golf net features a composite steel and fiberglass Tension-Tite frame with sturdy corner joint. Moreover, it’s built with solid 2-ply netting, a removable target and you will get a carrying bag to store the net in.

All in all, if you are searching for a decent golf net that you can set up very quickly and is good enough to withstand a full swing shot without ripping a whole in the net, then we might have something that will fit your needs perfectly. Its price reflects its quality and you should consider this if you are on a tight-budget or if there are any young golfers in your household.

in Golf Practice Set Mat Driving Net Chipping Net and Bag

This is a in golf practice net from Ajillis that has proved very effective for current users. It features a driving net with two expandable fiber-glass poles that you can extend. This net is suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses thanks to its weather-proof and water-resistance. It comes with a driving mat that features high-quality artificial turf surface on a well-built rubber base. To ease up the assembling process, the Velcro was removed and to make up for the Velcro, the sleeve has been increased instead.

With the in Golf Practice Set, you are able to enjoy your practice and fine-tune your driving, chipping, and approach shots without leaving your home. Basically, you will get everything you need to exercise your golf skill and maximize your practice time.  Equipped with such a large net, you can rest assured that the net will catch all your golf balls, even your mishits!

Understand your Needs

We are all different, with different skills and swing style. What might fit your needs might not fit your neighbor needs. It will be an extremely bad decision from you to buy just any golf net that looks good and is cheap. You need to find out your needs and what kind of net will fit your playing style. Do you need a cage? Do you want to practice with all your golf clubs? Do you need ball-return? Do you want to practice long shots? Are you looking for small and practical golf net that you can take with you wherever you go?

These are questions that you need to ask yourself. I advise you to make a list of the most important features that you expect from a golf hitting net. It doesn’t have to be a long list but if you make a list, the selecting process will be a lot easier and a list with special features will help you to understand your golfing needs as well.

Efficiency and Comfort

Using a golf hitting net will allow you to organize your time better. You will be able to practice whenever it’s convenient for you. This way you will get the most out of your free time and you can focus more on developing your game play, instead of wasting time driving to the range and wait in line buying golf balls.

There is also another huge advantage of owning your own golf net and that is the ability to practice on your own in the comfort of your home in peace. Your home is your space where you feel relaxed and comfortable. There will be no crowds to deal with, or irritated and impatient golfers laughing at your new technique. With golf net you will be able to conveniently focus on mastering your swing and step-up your golf game to maximize your results.

Practice any Time of the Year in All Weathers

The majority of the high-quality golf nets that you will find on the market today are developed in a way that they can be used both indoors and outdoors. Many of you guys are dealing with extreme winter weather while others enjoy more stable climate. With a golf net, you are able to practice all year-round.

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining, snowing or windy outside because if you have the time to practice, you can do it with a golf hitting net. Having a golf practice net is an ideal way to strengthen your game-play and lower your score because you have the ability to practice all year-round and continue your golf development instead of having to withdraw yourself because of the weather that can sometimes hold you back for months, depending where you live.


To buy golf net will require you to invest some money, but over the long-term, it will certainly pay off. You have to think long-term in this case because the upfront cost of a golf net is nothing compared to the gasoline that you spend on the way and all the golf buckets you need to buy to practice. Instead, save some money and enjoy the ability to practice as much as you want at the time that suits you!

You need to think about where you are going to use the golf net. Most likely you already have a place in mind where you would use it to practice. Basically, the more space you intend to use, the larger net you will need to invest in. It can be in your backyard, living room, basement or garage and you have to make sure that the size of your golf net will fit in your desired space in your home. I would suggest you to measure out your intended space in your home (width, height and depth) so that you can cross out the golf nets that won’t fit in your space. Preferably, your best option is to invest in the biggest net that fits your space, but you need to have enough space for you to stand in front of the net and you need space to swing your golf club without hindrance.

Net Strength

Here we have one of the most significant factors that will determine the durability of your golf net. You need to pay close attention to the strength and the netting material of the golf net that you intend to invest in. It’s really important that the netting material is thick and able to resist all the force from your golf ball. Nets with high density are the perfect option because with high density, the force from the incoming ball will spread out through the net. This will guarantee ideal resistance and your net won’t get damaged even though you swing it with all your force.

On the other hand, with the cheap golf nets, the nets do not provide enough density and they are simply not strong enough to resist the golf ball. In that case, you will eventually realize that once you use high power driver, the golf ball will fly right through the net. Therefore, it’s important that you investigate what golf clubs you can use with your net. There are some nets on the market that are not designed to be used with high power drivers and if you use a driver, the warranty of your net will be voided, that is to say if your net has a warranty.

You might save a buck or two with a cheaper net but you need to bear in mind that a golf net is a long term investment and it is your best option to invest in a high-quality and durable golf net. Many of the nets sold today have double layers to ensure even more safety. If, by any chance, the first ball goes through the first net, the second net will keep the golf ball from leaving the net.  Another important factor to keep in mind is that you should not stretch your net too much. If it’s too stretched, it will not be able to resist and absorb the power of impact and will most likely rip once the golf ball hits the net.

Net Material

Understand that cheaper low-quality nets, that are sold today, will include in their description that their net is made out-of extremely strong material. However, that is not always the case. In order to find out the quality of the net material, it is best for you to read what current users have to say about using the net. In my reviews, you will see hands-on all the information you need to know and what users had to say about their experience.

Giving that the netting is probably made of the same material for most of the high-end golf nets, it’s also important to take into account the material of the frame. This is extremely important to consider, specifically if you plan on leaving it up for a long period of time. Most of the nets on the market will feature high density plastic poles or lightweight aluminum poles. By designing the golf net with lightweight frame, you can carry the unit easily around. Below you will find the three main types of frame for golf practice nets.

Driving Nets

These are larger version of chipping nets. However, they are much more durable and are designed to resist the force from a high-powered driver. High-Density net will catch the ball and deliver it back to you or return it in a hole in the net. Driving nets are bulkier than chipping nets. However, despite being heavier and larger, some are very portable.

Golf Cages

If you are wondering how hard or time consuming it will be take down your golf net, it all boils down to the question of what type of net you intend to invest in and how often you will be assembling and taking down the net. It’s usually very easy process to take down and assemble chipping nets and it generally takes just few seconds.

In spite of this, other types, such as cages can be quite challenging to set-up and de-assemble. The reason is because they are much heavier and larger than other nets on the market. Due to this impracticality and the time needed to set-up, your best option is to make sure you set-up the cage in a place where you don’t have to take it down frequently. Choose a place where it can be wide open whenever you need it.

Indoor and Outdoor

Most of the nets available on the market are designed to be used both indoors and outdoors. Driving nets and chipping nets are ideal to use indoors, but you need to make it a safe space. This is fantastic feature for those who live in extreme weather climate with long winter months. You can basically practice any time you want, no matter how bad the weather is outside.  However, whenever you can, you should practice outside because it will give you more realistic environment. Practicing outside will enable you to practice your swings in different wind conditions and you will understand how to deal with sun glare and other environmental conditions.

As I did mention above, understanding your needs is one of the fundamental factor of choosing the golf net that suits you. Once you have taken into account your needs, set yourself a budget and keep in mind your budget while you research the best golf net that you think will be ideal for you. There are many factors that influence the price of golf nets and it goes without saying that as the specifications and special features increase, the cost of the golf net will also increase.

It’s more than just special features that determine the price tag. The price will fluctuate depending on the brand and manufacturer. High-rated brands from reputable manufacturer will feature higher price. However, from the premium golf net manufacturers, you will be sure to receive a top-quality and highly rated product.

Another factor that will influence price is the type of net you invest in, such as, chipping net, driver net or cage. Evidently, a large cage will cost more than a compact chipping net.

You Get What You Pay For

Just like with anything you buy, you end up getting what you pay for and the same phrase applies for golf nets as well. A simple golf net can range from 40 bucks all the way up to a sophisticated package of 800 dollars and between these two price points are endless of models and brands that you can choose from.

There are so many cheap nets on the market today and those cheap nets often come with bad quality that will only leave you disappointed at the end of the day. Although you might be investing in your first golf net, it’s important that you go for a golf net that will last you for years to come. I don’t recommend you to go for the cheapest golf net even though it might look good. Practicing your swing and mastering your skill is an investment and your first golf net should be treated as a long-term investment.

That way, you will be able to improve your game significantly by practicing your swing and mastering your skill with a golf hitting net. I can guarantee you one thing, once you start using a golf net, your practice routines will become more consistent and frequent and that will benefit you towards a lower score on the golf course.


If you are looking at practicing your swing at home or need a mat for the range, then this article is for you.

Identify the different types of golf practice mats that are available

Determine the most important criteria when looking for a golf practice mat

Provide several recommendations for the best mats available

Rough Practice Mat

Are you looking for a high-quality mat? Cimarron Sports Ultimate Golf Mat is perfect for you.  This mat is a little on the pricey side, but it is a 3-in-mat that include two levels of rough and fairway surface.  Cimarron also makes practice gear for a variety of sports, but they have a top notch reputation in their golf products.

This heavy-duty mat is not for beginners, but for the true enthusiast.  At 3lbs, and 2square feet, this is a mat that is built to last, made of pure, high-density nylon.  If you are only going to get one mat to practice your golf swing, this is the pick!

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If you have a gymnast in your life, you probably have or need an at-home beam. Beams are the easiest to use piece of at-home gymnastics equipment, and one of the most difficult events for any gymnast to master. An at-home beam is affordable, easy to install, and can quickly inspire confidence in any gymnast. If you are thinking of investing in a beam for a beginner gymnast, or a gymnast competing at a higher level, you need to know which beam is best for home practice and where to find it.

You practice on mats frequently

The Drill practice station, then place the business card behind the ball.  The distance between the ball and the card should be determined by the quality of your ball striking: pros can put the card very near the ball, beginners may need a few inches.

SKLZ Quickster Golf Net

The SKLZ Quickster Golf Net is ultra portable and super easy to assemble anywhere.

If you you’re looking for a practise net that is portable, simple to use and includes a target, then look no further than the SKLZ Quickster Golf Net.

Callaway Zenith Hitting Net

The Callaway Zenith Hitting Net is one of the top nets on the market thanks to its size and easy to use features.

With a trusted name like Callaway, you know you’re getting a quality product with the Zenith Hitting Net.

The Net Return Pro Series

The Net Return Pro Series is a top of the range practise net and comes with a bunch of features.

If you have the money, this is certainly one of the best practise nets out there. It can even be used for soccer, baseball, lacrosse etc.

Durable Construction

With so many golf practise nets on the market today, it’s important to make sure you’re purchasing a quality product. You’ll be hitting the ball pretty hard, so make sure the meshing is strong enough to withstand this. The best way to ascertain this is to read the many reviews out there and do your homework before buying. Make sure the net is made from nylon and not polyeurothane which can tear easily. Generally you should go for aluminium structures as aluminium is a tough metal whilst still being lightweight.

Ball Return System

Once again, a ball return system is not absolutely necessary, however, it does make life easier. Most shots will naturally come back a certain distance, but without a dedicated ball return system, you will have to continually move slightly and change position.

SKLZ Golf Practice Mat

The SKLZ Accelerator Pro is a long and narrow putting surface, specifically designed to help keep your focus on a few key aspects of your putting game. Printed on the 9’ x 16.25” putting surface are sets of stroke guides, strategically placed 3, 5, and feet away from the hole. One of the best things you can do for your putting game, is to work on consistently sinking the short putts! Not only will using these guides help you gain more confidence in your when facing putts at these distances, but parallel guideline design offers a great visualization to help keep your putter square throughout the entire motion. Also, a nice add is a built-in ball return which you’ll I think you’ll find is a small, yet very satisfying reward for making your putts!

Indoor Putting Mat

What’s that you say? One hole just isn’t enough for you?! feet just isn’t cutting it anymore…? You want 10.feet of luscious green putting surface and not one, but holes to put your golf balls into?! Well look no further that this innovative piece of practice technology introduced to the market by LEVELGOLF. As if it wasn’t already hard enough to the ball in the, this indoor putting green comes with hole configurations for you to really sharpen your skills. One standard sized 4.25-inch cup, and your choice of either a smaller 3-inch cup, or a wickedly sized 2-inch cup for all you out there just enjoy living in misery! Adding distance markings ranging from to feet, a stroke tracking line, and an adjustable gravity ball return for good measure, and what you’ve got is one extremely useful piece of training equipment almost guaranteed to help lower your scores!

Inclined Putting Practice Green

Nope. That’s not a type… You’re reading that right. A putting green with hazards built in! Okay, I’ll admit… It’s a bit gimmicky. But hey, you can’t knock the creative spirit, eh? Gimmicks aside, as useless as the built-in “hazards” may be, you might find some of value in the overall “challenging” design of this putting green. Measuring in at ft. wide x ft. long, a smaller than standard cup size of inches, and built with a slight incline the makers of this putting surface set out with a goal of making a standard putting green with a bit of a devilish side. All of that and a modest price point makes this a worthy contender to help keep you sharp on those “easy” uphill putts.

This one’s a 2-for-1!

This multipiece set includes two separate greens. One for putting and another for chipping! I know… Awesome, right?! If putting is the most important thing you can work on to improve your game, chipping can’t be far behind. This neat chip/putt set comes with an oblong 32-inch x 45-inch putting surface with independently configurable hole locations, and a smaller 12-inch x 24-inch chipping mat with rubber tee included. To be 100% honest, you probably won’t get much use out of this set, in terms of actual practice, but it comes with 1balls multicoloured balls and it even floats in water!

This one made the list simply because of its domination in the “FUN” department!

Backyard Putting Green

The Nayoya Back & Neck Pain Acupressure Mat

The Nayoya Back & Neck Pain Acupressure mat is a number one seller for good reasons. The price is right and delivers 62pressure points for your sore back and your shoulders. It includes a pillow with more pressure points to relieve stress in your neck and head.

Zensufu Acupressure Mat

For a combination set of mats, the Zensufu acupressure mat is what you need. Both the pillow and mat have different disks to give you relief off the top of your head down to your back. Use it when sitting, sleeping, or lying flat down on it.

ProSource Mat and Pillow Acupressure Set

Another superb acupressure set is the ProSource combo set that includes a mat and pillow. You can buy the combo sets in seven different colors to suit your personality. If you suffer from chronic back pain, this acupressure mat will help you to relieve the pain and many other ailments.

ProSource Mat and Pillow Acupressure Set

It is an inexpensive set, and with the dedicated pillow, you can use it separately from the acupressure mat. The mat itself gives you 89pressure points while the pillow gives you a total of 178acupressure points. Both the mat and pillows made of thick cotton with Eco-friendly plant-based foam. You can use up to 30-minutes a day at any time.

You can hand wash the cover as it has Velcro strips, wipe down the foam, and leave it out in the sun for fresh air. The only thing is that you do not receive a carrying bag with this combo set, but a pillowcase works well to store it away.

The Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Back Stretcher

If you are, only looking for lower back pain relief, you can use a simple mat, but with the Spinal Labs PT Lumbar back stretcher, it is different. This is more than a pad but a lumbar support designed to help increase flexibility in blood circulation.

Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Back Stretcher

If you spend hours at your desk and have lower back pains, this is one of the best acupressure stretchers available on the market. It helps to reverse the bend in your spine while lying on the floor. It has a covering of pyramids giving you stimulation on your sore muscles.

As an acupressure mat does not help with stretching this stretcher is superb. Compared to the acupressure mats this product is a bit pricey. It is quick and easy to use the same as the mat and loosens up knots to get circulation flowing. It is made of hard plastic while the stretchers made from two different density foams.

The Hemingweigh Complete Acupressure Set

There is no need of visiting the spa when you have the complete Hemingweigh acupressure set. It is a great reliever of stress, tension, and aches and pains. The mat has a dimension of 2x 17-inches and lightweight to take with you wherever you go.

Hemingweigh Complete Acupressure Set

The mats easy to use and includes a pillow with plastic nodes and when you lay down on it for the first time you feel a sharp poking sensation. After a couple of minutes, it subsides, and you start feeling relaxed. The headrest is great if you want to lift your head a little relieving tension in the neck and shoulders.

You receive a carrying case included that helps a lot when in need of traveling. This is a Swedish brand with great reviews.

The Zen Guru Complete Acupressure Package

For a great product, the Zen Guru complete acupressure package reasonably priced and comes with a pillow, mat, reflexology foot chart and a carrying bag. The mat itself has 62pressure points while the pillow has 178pressure points.

Zen Guru Complete Acupressure Package

Use it in combination with the reflexology foot chart on the back of the mat to relieve certain pressure points for relief of different ailments. For using the mat as a foot acupressure reliever, stand on the mat. The mat measures 2x 17-inches, and the pillow measures 1x 7-inches.

Super India Store Tool

With the kit, you receive a free acupressure K-Roll deluxe, Su-Jok ball, thumb, and Su-Jok ring for your finger, energy role for your hands and feet, acupressure tool, reflexology chart for hands and feet.

It consists of 2bio magnets, micro point charger, and energy ball. Included is an acupressure mat and is very compact to use. When applying your feet to the mat and feel extreme pressures you can use thin cotton socks or a cotton cloth to relieve the pressure.

Using Your Acupressure Mat

For migraines – place your mat on a hard service and lie down on it, if your mat does not include its pillow find a small pillow and place it under your head and drape the mat over the pillow – relax in this position and breathe slowly and start rocking your head from one side to the other.

Back and Neck Treatment – Place the mat in your bed and wear a t-shirt if you find the sensation too strong and lay on it for 35-4minutes – for acute back pain it is best to place your mat on the floor and pull your knees up to your chest or roll the mat up and place it under your neck,

For deep sleep treatment – lay on the mat placed on your bed with your head on your pillow and breathe deeply for 5-minutes – once ready to sleep remove the mat,

For abdomen relaxation – place the mat under your abdomen for about 25-minutes. You can combine your treatment with a face massage treatment using a travel size mat in combination with the large mat,

For a face massage treatment – position your face while covering your ear with a cloth and lie on each side for 5-minutes. The indentation disappears after 15-minutes – this helps to increase the circulation in your face, leaving it with a glow and produces collagen

A Word of Caution

If you have high blood pressure, pregnant, have any neuropathy; suffer from any bleeding disorder, or any form of blood thinning medication except for aspirin you should not use the acupressure mat. If you happen to have any form of skin infection or inflammation, it is also best not to use the mat. However, if you have been to your doctor and your high blood pressures regulated, you can use the acupressure mat with appropriate caution.

Before using the mat and you have heart failure, sensitive skin or any form of a serious medical condition, always consult your physician first before using any of these products.

If you experience any form of seizure, always use the mat in the company of supervision while in use.

Always hang the mat up after use or roll it up and keep it in your carrying bag. The acupressure mats not made for children and best to keep it out of their reach. Never expose any of these products to heat, fire, or acetone.

Acupressure Mats Not Only Made for Back Pain

These mats are great for different users to massage tired feet or completely to lie on them to relax. You can even buy acupressure mats with extended pillows with discs to massage the upper part of your body and neck. This is great if you have tension on your shoulders and neck and great if you suffer from headaches.

The Material

Always make sure that the material used is non-toxic and made of high quality. The material used should be breathable, and the great material is linen and natural cotton. Some are made of synthetic fabrics and not breathable. When looking at the spikes or discs, it should be non-toxic and ABS plastic that is the same they use in Lego blocks. If you look at the cheaper acupressure mats, it may have a toxic BPA material used in it. If you choose a foam mat, choose one made from Eco-foam or rubber.

Last Thoughts

When you think of the price of a bottle of medicine or painkillers, an acupressure mat is worthwhile buying and cost you less in the end. Using any one of these top acupressure mats will help relieve your back pain, make you feel relaxed and improves your blood circulation. It will heal different ailments, and with a well-balanced diet, you can go into the 21st century feeling healthy.

Golf Training Equipment & Practice Aids for Sale

The pros know that practice makes perfect so before you even step onto the course, make sure your game is sharp with our selection of golf practice equipment for home. Grab a pack of Callaway Golf HX Practice Balls and the 23″ Chipping Net to work on your swing or a putting cup to hone the finer aspects of your game. The PGA TOUR Superstore has golf practice tools from top brands like Callaway, Izzo, Titleist, and more. From chipping nets, like the 23″ Come browse our selection of golf training aids and equipment and make sure you’re never rusty when it counts. Ready to hit the course? Make sure you have the best golf clubs paired with a lightweight golf bag on deck.


If you’re anything like me, you probably struggle to find time to practise each week. Sadly though, practise is essential to improving and playing once a week won’t really cut it. Enter golf practise nets! The perfect solution for people on a tight schedule. Simply practise your shots at home for as long as you wish and watch your handicap come down!

There are tons of practise nets on the market, all coming in different shapes and sizes. Choosing the right practise net is important for your game and you should really analyse where and how you want to use it. Some nets focus more on chipping, whilst some larger nets are better for woods. Will you be using the net indoors or outdoors? Do you want a target or ball return system? Each player has their own preferences and you’ll need to decide what will work best for you.

To help you get started, below we have highlighted the Best Golf Practise Nets on the market. We also recommend you review our buying guides on the best golf training aids, best golf swing analyzers and best golf putting aids.

Spornia Golf Practice Net – Automatic Ball Return System W/ Target sheet, Two Side Barrier, and EverGolf Turf Hitting Mat Bundle

SKLZ Quickster Soccer Goal- Quick Set-Up, Ultra Portable Soccer Goal (12xFoot)

RUKKNET: The Original Pop-Up Golf Net w/ Ball Return Feature (10x7x5) “Practice your swing…

Dura-Pro 10′(d) x 10′(h) x10′(w) Golf Cage Golf Net With High Velocity Strong Impact Netting, High…

A custom-fit mat for less money

A compromise in price and protection, Hexomat custom-fit mats provide more complete coverage than a less-expensive universal mat without the higher cost of floor liners.

If you want a custom-fit floor mat but don’t want to spend the money on a premium liner, we recommend the Intro-Tech Hexomat, which splits the difference in cost and coverage between a universal mat and a model-specific liner. The Hexomat lacks the higher side walls of liners like our top pick, but it does provide wall-to-wall footwell coverage and a design that helps contain spills. Our Hexomats had a less cushy feel than a similar but thicker WeatherTech product we tested—the similarly priced All-Weather Floor Mat—but we found they were a better fit for the 200Toyota RAVwe used for testing. They completely covered the footwells without any trimming, and their thinner design helped them better conform to bumps in the floor. They were also easier to clean than the grippy surface of the WeatherTech mats. (It’s important to note that the WeatherTech All-Weather Mats are made of an entirely different material than our top pick, the WeatherTech FloorLiners, and the mats are thicker and more difficult to clean.)

Why you should trust me

Before joining The Wirecutter, I spent the better part of three decades as an automotive writer, reporter, and editor for various automotive publications, most recently at Consumer Reports. A lifelong gearhead, one of my primary beats at CR and an area of personal interest has always been the automotive aftermarket and car accessories. That ranges from sophisticated audio and electronics products to things that are less likely to make for interesting party conversation, like tires, car batteries, wipers, and, yes, floor mats. So while you might want to steer clear if you see me at a social event, I’m your go-to guy if you want to protect your carpets.

Floor mats versus liners

You’ll find two types of products to protect the carpets in your car: floor mats and liners. But there’s a big difference in how well they work and how much they cost. Floor mats are just that: flat pieces of rubber (or a rubber-like material), carpet, or some combination of the two. They cost far less than liners but also provide less protection. Floor liners are custom fit to the shape and contours of the footwells for a specific make and model of vehicle, and they have a lip or walls around the sides to help trap big spills. Whether you choose basic mats or custom liners will depend on your priorities, needs, and budget.

Compared with a basic flat universal floor mat (right), liners have a raised edge around the perimeter that helps contain spills and better protect a car’s carpet.

A premium liner (left) is custom fit to a specific car model, so it protects more of the car’s carpet. A basic floor mat (right) can leave some of the carpet exposed to dirt, mud, and, ugh, dropped juice boxes.

Any universal mat is going to be a compromise.

But any universal mat is going to be a compromise. They are rarely a perfect fit for any vehicle right out of the box, although most rubber mats can be trimmed using scissors. Even some of the least expensive, including the Custom Auto Crews Heavy Duty 4pc mats and OxGord 4pc Heavy Duty Rubber Floor Mats, include cut lines for this purpose.

Whether you choose carpeted or rubber mats, measure your floors thoroughly front and rear, and be especially careful with the driver’s floor mat. Draw a diagram of your car’s footwells, take width and length measurements at several places along the length and width of the footwell, and note any unusual features or irregularities. Then take those measurements with you to the store (or your computer if you’re shopping online) because we found a lot of packaging doesn’t include dimensions, though some shopping websites do.

If you tend to spend time slogging through muddy areas, like to treat your kids to trips to the beach, find yourself frequently cleaning up spilled sodas and fries, or need to frequently drive in wet or snowy areas, floor liners may be a better bet than mats. And that’s true whether you change vehicles every couple of years (and want to maximize their resale value) or if you plan to keep yours for a long time.

Liners like these are a bigger investment, but shopping for them is less complicated than it is with mats. There are far fewer liners to choose from, and you can skip the measuring. Once you’ve chosen a brand, the rest is easy. The manufacturers of all our tested liners have websites where you can enter the make, year, and model of your car. The site will tell you if a fit is available and its cost. Some also include links to or names of other retailers that carry their brand, and we found it pays to shop around.

Regardless of whether you select a universal mat or model-specific mat or liner, fit is critical. The idea is to protect the carpet beneath, so the larger the area covered, the better—with the important caveat that mats are not so large, poorly fitted, or loose that they can interfere with pedal operation and cause a crash.

Bottom nibs (left) can help keep a mat from sliding around. Look for ones that are big enough to have some grip. Even better is a mat like the Hexomat (right), which uses the car’s factory mounting point to keep it secure. “Look for a mat with teeth or rubber nibs that grip the carpet.” said Ken Savie t, a professional car detailer with more than 20 years of experience that’s based in Mendham, New Jersey. “You don’t want something that’s going to move, otherwise the mats can get under your pedals and create a safety issue.”

Pull Quote

The most secure fit comes from products that have holes that correspond with factory-mat mounting points.

We found that the number and size of those nibs, along with the shape, weight and stickiness of the material used to make the mats, can make a big difference in how well they stay put. But the most secure fit comes from products that have holes that correspond with factory-mat mounting points for the driver’s mat or include their own. “Having an anchor is important,” said Scott Trager of Northeast Off-Road Adventures, an off-road driving school in Ellenville, New York. “When you’re getting in and out, you’re pushing the mat with your feet. Having it secured is critical for safety.”

All the liners we tested attach to factory mounts. Only our tested Hexomat and WeatherTech mats had that feature.

The other essential part of a good, safe fit is never to install a set of mats or liners over another set that’s already in your car. That only increases the likelihood of your new mats sliding around and getting hung up on the brake or accelerator pedals.

How we tested

We spent several more weeks testing and living with the two dozen products chosen for this report. We conducted in-vehicle tests in a total of six sedans, SUVs, and a pickup truck. Tests for cleaning and stain removal were conducted outside, where we applied mud, food products, and beverages to sections of each mat. All were then allowed to sit for two days before cleaning.

First, we checked each set of mats and liners in an appropriate vehicle, both front and rear, looking at how well they fit, how easy they were to install and remove, how comfortable they were underfoot, and how well they stayed put. Universal mats were tried in several vehicles, including three crossovers/SUVs—a 201Chevrolet Tahoe, 201Honda CR-V, and 200Toyota RAV4—and two sedans: a 200Acura TL and 201Honda Civic. Custom fit mats and liners were ordered for and tried in some of the same vehicles and a Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck.

Before installing the new mats and liners, we removed any old mats in the vehicles per installation instructions and thoroughly vacuumed the vehicle floors to ensure as good a fit as possible. We used vehicle factory mounting holes with mats and liners that were designed for them, noting how compatible those fits were. While installing, we noted any difficulties due to poor fit, overly stiff products that made them harder to install, or anything else that caused a problem. Once installed, we noted how well the products fit lengthwise and from side-to side and how flexible they were to conform with uneven floors and obstructions like floor-mounted fuel-door releases. We also evaluated universal mats to find out how easy they were to trim for a customized fit.

When it came time for the dirty business of testing for stain resistance and cleaning, we turned to the internet and to Consumer Reports cleaning expert Pat Slaven for advice. Pat has been making messes and cleaning them up in a lab environment for decades. First, we asked about rubber mats and liners.

Wrapping it up

For the best combination of a snug fit and protection from spills for the widest assortment of vehicles, there’s no beating WeatherTech FloorLiners. Their high sides, ease of installation and removal, and ability to channel fluids, as well as the wide range of vehicles they cover, gives them the edge over any other liners we compared. Another good choice is our runner-up Husky WeatherBeater All-Weather Floor Liners. They lack WeatherTech’s separate fluid reservoir and channeling system to keep your feet drier, but Husky’s lifetime warranty is better than WeatherTech’s three-year warranty. If you don’t want or need the higher sidewalls of a full floor liner to contain spills but still want a custom fit, try Hexomat floor mats from Intro-Tech. But if all you’re looking for is an inexpensive mat to dress up an older car with stained and worn carpets, we’d go with the Motor Trend Clean Rubber Series Odorless Floor Mats.

Provides Sunlight Protection

The sun provides life for just about everything on Earth – except your car’s interior. Because your dashboard is located directly under the windshield, it’s exposed to a daily onslaught of sunlight and UV rays. These rays can fade your dash, leaving it looking dull and drab. Plus, excessive sunlight can cause your dash to crack, making it look even worse. To put it simply, if you live in the desert or anywhere else that gets a lot of sun, you need to keep your dashboard covered.

With a DashMat or Coverking Dashboard Cover on your deck, your dashboard gets a reliable shield against harsh sunlight. Our Dashboard Covers are specially treated to resist UV rays and delay sun fading and damage. No matter what material you choose, a Dashboard Mat keeps the sun off your interior.

Covers Pre-Existing Damage

You now know how a dash mat can keep your dashboard looking showroom-new, but what if yours is already faded and beat-up? Great news – a Dash Board Mat is like a time machine for your interior. By simply laying down a mat you can cover up all that unsightly sun damage and make your dash look like new.





How to save up to 86%? Here is little trick.

You must visit the page of sales. Here is the link. If you don’t care about which brand is better, then you can choose the Hitting Mats by the price and buy from the one who will offer the greatest discount.



Final Word

First of all thanks for reading my article to the end! I hope you find my reviews listed here useful and that it allows you to make a proper comparison of what is best to fit your needs and budget. Don’t be afraid to try more than one product if your first pick doesn’t do the trick.

Most important, have fun and choose your Hitting Mats wisely! Good luck!

So, TOP3 of Hitting Mats



Questions? Leave a comment below!

Chatting about Hitting Mats is my passion! Leave me a question in the comments, I answer each and every one and would love to get to know you better!

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