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Best Welding Helmets 2018 – [Buyer’s Guide]

Last Updated February 1, 2018
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Edwin GarrettMy name is Edwin Garrett. After more than 43 hours of research and testing, which included using 16 different welding helmets in five cities and interviewing product teams at five major companies, I made a list of the best welding helmets of 2018

In fact, it was the first time I had been in this situation and what I thought was going to be a very quick and easy task turned out to be a good many weeks of research. What I would like you to remember as you browse my website is that I don’t work in the industry so the reviews I have are based on good old fashioned honesty.

Best Welding Helmets of 2018

On that note, I review the three best welding helmets of 2018 to help you get value for your money. Before you spend your money on welding helmets, start by familiarizing yourself with the various types. However, after giving you the TOP list, I will also give you some of the benefits you stand to gains for using it. Not all welding helmets are created equal though.

Test Results and Ratings

Rank №1 №2 №3
Total 4.8 4.5 4.3
5 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
4 points
5 points
5 points
5 points
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№1 – Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Jackson Safety 46131 Insight Variable Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

This quality lens gives you a variable shade (9-13), wide viewing area (3.93” x 2.36”), sensitivity and delay adjustments, four (4) independent auto dimming sensors and easy-to-use digital controls
Choose from grind and weld modes (use it for mig welding, tig welding and arc welding) on this value-centric welding mask
We’ve been using it for 4 months and didn’t notice any flaws.

Why did this welding helmets win the first place?

I am very happy with the purchase. It is definitely worth its money. The product is top-notch! I also liked the delivery service that was fast and quick to react. It was delivered on the third day. I really enjoy the design. It is compact, comfortable and reliable. And it looks amazing! The product is very strong. Its material is stable and doesn’t crack.












№2 – Professional Grade Welding Helmet/Hood Auto Darkening Argon Arc welding

Professional Grade Welding Helmet/Hood Auto Darkening Argon Arc welding

INNOVATIVE & STYLISH DESIGN-This is one of our most popular designs not just simply for the technology which it has complete automatic SMT welding technology as well the slick design as you can see from the pictures.
DURABLE- Welding helmet shell adopts PP material with high and low temperature resistant, corrosion concussion, flame retardant, soft, light-tight, high intensity to ensure the quality and stability as well reliability and durable.
Heavy and big.
Limited official sellers leave room for fakes.

Why did this welding helmets come in second place?

The design quality is top notch and the color is nice. The material is pretty strong and easy to wash if needed. Managers explained me all the details about the product range, price, and delivery. I like this product. For such a low price, I didn’t even hope it to be any better. It’s decently made.












№3 – Christmas Gift Welding Helmet

Christmas Gift Welding Helmet

▲ Wide Shade Range – The wide shade range is 3-8/9-13 covering most common welding / Plasma Cutting Processes; Great For TIG MIG MMA applications with grinding feature; Meets ANSI Z87.1 / EN379 CE / CSA Z94.3 standards
▲ Fast Response Time – Provides better protection for welders, response time(bright to dark): <1/25000 seconds, step-less delay and sensitivity knob adjustable
The large size.
On the more expensive end of the price scale.

Why did this welding helmets take third place?

It doesn’t squeaks nor bents. Looks great in my apartment. A very convenient model. It is affordable and made of high-quality materials. I liked the design. We’ve been using it for 2 months and it still looks like brand new. It is inconvenient to use due to the size. I am going to get something different next time.












Welding Helmets Buyer’s Guide

If you keep the before points in mind, you can easily go out to the market and buy welding helmets, right? No!

Complete protection with a welding helmet

Welding helmets are a type of headgear used while performing welding in order to protect you from harmful radiations emitted during the process; welding helmets also protect your face, neck against the flame and flashes generated during the welding. Best welding helmet is necessary for the protection of your eyes, as the unprotected exposure to radiations emitted can inflame your eye cornea, which in turn causes arc eye. The radiations emitted could also burn your retina, which can lead to loss of your vision. Welding can also lead to skin burns as radiations emitted may also affect your skin.


For your entire arc welding processes, the Antra AH6-660-621Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet presented by Antra is a perfect fit. With its superb design, it protects your face from splatter, harmful radiation and sparks from normal welding conditions.

Not only does this helmet automatically change from light to dark when striking an arc, it is available at an affordable price with some of the latest technology features.

The Antra AH6-660-621Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet changing from a dark state to a clear state once welding stops saving you time and ease of use when welding

The welding helmet comes ready to use and only requires the removal of the protective film on the lens and an adjustment position for your head and ready to work

It comes with a shade number and grinding mode selection knob and one can set it from dark to light depending on the welding you are doing and one can set it from – 1different shades

Comes with an adjustable headband and works with a turning ratcheting headband knob and tightens with a tension adjustment knob for a comfortable fit on the side of the helmet keeping it secure in place

The Antra AH6-660-621Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet works with solar power with changeable batteries and a battery lifetime of up to years

Provides one with sensitivity and time delay operation once the welding is started and changes from dark to clear automatically

The viewing screen is a bit smaller than other units

The Antra AH6-660-101S is an auto darkening welding helmet made of different shades with easily adjustable knobs and great when used while working. The helmets designed for different types of work, MIG, TIG, SMAW, Plasma Arc, and SMAW. Even in the event of a power failure, this helmet remains protected against IR and UV radiation and fully automatic powered with a cheater lens making for a great companion when doing Arc welding.

The Welding Helmet with Some Flawless Features

This auto darkening welding helmet has some flawless features that are both important and beneficial for you packed with a number of shades. One can easily adjust the sensitivity of this helmet without removing it making it superb when one looks at the price range.

It has a large viewing glass when compared to other models and is 3.x 1.78-inches and 3.7x 2.5-inches. It has a cheater lens that works as a magnifying glass and helps you to focus while working in viewing small welding jobs. The sensitivity knobs are adjustable immediately in the adjustment while welding various types of materials.

A fully automatic welding helmet has an on/off switch made with polyamide nylon material that carries an ANSI Z87.1/DIN/EN39CSA Z94.standard certification approval. The lenses on the inside are AntFi X60-with shade range 4/5-9/9-1that is great for plasma cutting processes.

It is solar powered and required no battery changing

One does not receive the test button included, thus making it difficult to tell if the sensors are working as well as it should

The helmet only darkens when receiving light from a light bulb or welding arc and not when used in natural sunlight outside

A Superior Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

The Jackson Safety BHauto darkening welding helmet is superior in its brand and complies with several standards such as ANSI Z81.and EN37Not only is it certified in the latter it is also DIN Plus and CE certified providing you with protection where you need it the most around the neck and face.

Created with Balder Technology – the helmets one of the best available and provides you with enhanced visibilities with a wide-angle view when working. Not only is it a comfortable helmet to wear it is lightweight when on your head, but also provide protection for your entire face. The welding helmets designed with a curved front cover plate, preventing fogging and reflection when working.

The lenses are blue-tinted with a high quality optical rating and the best available in the market. With the auto-darkening feature, it is highly wavelength-specific that helps to make sure that the helmet darkens once striking a welding arc. Although does not darken with sunlight or a light bulb and requires no removing of the helmet.

The welding helmets constructed for protection to stop heat upsurge with an aerodynamic design, preventing fume build up while lenses do not fog up and available with headgear adjustment to suit your needs.

Great value for money spent

The Jackson Safety BHauto darkening welding helmet is a great option for any type of welder who needs the clearest view while working. It provides ultimate protection to the eyes and face with the technology used, although on the expensive side you will get value for the money that you spend on it. It is a superb safety helmet and money well spent.

Reasons why the Huntsman W20 is a Great Welding Helmet

For one, the helmet is reasonably priced and offers you with quality, especially if you are new to welding and superb value for money if you are a professional welder. Designed with 10% recycled carbon fiber structure makes this helmet durable and safe for both you and the environment. With the provided strength, it provides superb everyday wear and tear to use in the end.

While constructed with carbon fiber the welding helmets lightweight as it only weighs 2.lbs and you can wear it all day without getting a stiff neck. The design is small and made for fitting into tight spaces as it has a quick-slide filter plate holder and there is no concern of bumping and scuffing in tight spaces.

This headgear provides you with heat resistance while working as it deflects smoke, heat, particles, keeping your noggin fresh and cooks all day. Moreover, one does not have to remove your gloves to change between the provided welding lenses as it is set to shades providing plenty of protection against welding and grinding. One only needs to swipe the lever on top the welding helmet and as simple as that keeping the helmet on at all times.

The helmets versatile, designed for heavy-duty welding, and made with a sturdy structure for both entry-level welders and professional welders to use with both welding and grinding. Although not made with auto-darkening features the helmets upgradable to use with auto-darkening inserts.

Cheap ones aren’t always the good ones

As many don’t really feel that a good welding helmet tends to be a pretty important piece of equipment, they usually go with one that doesn’t cost them much. However, usually, such cheap welding helmets come only with a fixed shade lens, which stays dark all the time.

Now the thing is that though even such welding helmets may help you get the job done, they are far from being effective enough when it comes to examining your work. You may even have to remove it every now and then, which can be annoying and a huge time waster.

On the other hand, nowadays, the modern welding helmets come with an auto darkening lens, which are designed in a very innovative way. They are perfectly sensitive to changing light conditions, and the screen’s brightness can increase or decrease in a fraction of a second, depending on the light conditions. This obviously allows you to work and examine your work at the same time, making everything much more convenient.

The switching speed

Switching speed tends to be a pretty important feature of welding helmets as well. Simply put, it’s actually the time taken for the lens of the helmet to go from their original light state to the darkened state that allows you to start the work. A longer switching speed may cause discomfort to the eye, and may turn out to be a serious problem if you are a professional welder.

The basic welding helmets usually come with a switching speed of 1/3,600 of a second while the professional ones would boast of a switching speed of 1/16,000 of a second. The latter would obviously be the more expensive ones. However, they offer a higher level of comfort for sure, as well as are easy on the eye.

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Which Welding Helmet? A How To Guide to Choosing a Welding Helmet.

With so many different welding helmets out on the market it’s tough to understand how they differ. They all seem to be similar in some areas and completely different in others. But how do you know what’s important and what isn’t? How do you know what you should spend your hard-earned on and what is simply a marketing gimmick. While no price can be placed on the personal safety of you or your employees, an auto-darkening welding helmet offers the added incentive of increasing the efficiency of the welder for a more productive work environment. Not only can you work faster when you can always see but you also move more efficiently, placing electrodes more precisely.

Number of sensors: 

How many sensors does your welding helmet have? Your answer should be… who cares!! Remember, we are looking for sensitivity and all quality helmets have a sensitivity rating. So ask the right question: how sensitive is the lens? Look for helmets with a sensitivity rating rated down to amp. If you’re doing a lot of low amp TIG always select a welding helmet with a centre sensor so it never loses sight of the arc while you have both your hands at work!

Main Features and Characteristics

Adjustable auto-darkening sensitivity – The auto-darkening with adjustable sensitivity and wide shade selection function of the Lincoln Electric means that you can work in any lighting environment without getting flashed while working.

Perfect vision clarity – The Lincoln Electric rates highly in all four optical categories, with a perfect 1/1/1/clarity for optical class, angle dependence of luminous transmittance class, differences in luminous transmittance, and dispersal of light class, so you’ll get crystal-clear vision at all times.

The helmet is rather heavy and it may become slightly uncomfortable after an entire day of use. The glossy coating of the helmet lorem ipsum dolor

Jackson Safety W70 BHAuto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Helmet

One of the most popular of the darkening welding helmets on the market, the Antra AH6-260-0000 is highly durable providing the user with the ideal protection for working under hot conditions. This versatile helmet is a suitable choice for TIG, MIG, Arc and plasma applications.

Instapark ADF Series GX-350S Helmet 

The Instapark ADF Series GX-350S is a professional welding tool that reacts quickly to high amounts of light to protect your eyes effectively. The helmet is suitable for arc, metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. Moreover, it has a unique design that makes it an instant favorite for beginner and enthusiast welders alike.

Auto-Darkening vs. Standard Glass Lens

One of the basic questions to ask when buying a welding helmet is the type of lens that is most suitable for your needs. The main choice is between standard or passive glass lens welding helmets which are still popular today even though they have been invented decades ago.

Passive Helmets Pros and Cons

The main advantage of using a passive welding helmet is its affordability –  these helmets are generally offered at quite low prices since they are made from inexpensive molded plastics and use infrared coded dark tinted glass.

With a standard welding helmet, you get basic protection at a budget price, but even though they are inexpensive, they come with a range of disadvantages. when you wear a standard glass lens welding helmet, you will find it that it is more difficult to keep your torch in a correct position, especially if you are beginner.

For example, if you are welding in a restricted space such as on a trailer or car, you will find out that you don’t have enough room to flip your helmet up and down. This means that you may get a lot of neck discomfort after an entire day of welding.

Auto-Darkening Helmets Pros and Cons

On the other hand, all the darkening welding helmets provide you with a more advanced level of protection, being quite different from the passive ones. The way they work is simple: the helmets have viewing lenses of shape three or four when they are inactive, which allow the welder to see through it. The Saint-Saens darken to shade to 1in a fraction of a second after they sense any arc start, which is triggered by a sheet received by the sensors.

The main advantage of using an auto-darkening welding helmet is the fact that you do not need to flip the helmet yourself, because it allows you to see through the viewing lens. This means you can carry out welding work without causing any discomfort to your neck.

Auto-darkening helmets require careful handling, because they can be damaged if not properly used. Moreover, these helmets are more expensive because they use advanced technologies and materials, and they also use battery power in order to be active.

Lens Reaction Time

One of the most important features when choosing a welding helmet is the switching speed, also referred to by many manufacturers as lens reaction time. You will see that the switching speed is a number that tells you how fast the lens changes from its natural light to a darkened shade required for welding.

Most lenses start from shade number or and go to up to 1The quicker your eyes are shaded from the high-intensity light generated by welding, the better. If your welding helmet has a slow reaction time, this may result in eye discomfort that might feel like a dry scratchy sensation which is often referred to as arc flash.

Helmet Weight

A very important feature for those who spend hours welding is the weight of the helmet. If you opt for a lighter helmet, you minimize the strain put on your neck, increasing the level of comfort. There is a significant difference between a welding helmet that weighs pound versus one that weighs pounds, even though it may not feel like such a big deal when you have them in your hand. Greater weight may not cause discomfort in the first half hour of welding, but when you work on an all-day project, it may actually become an excessive weight that puts strain on your neck.

To make sure the helmet is comfortable, it is always a good idea to try it on before making a purchase. You also need to make sure that the


Another important factor when choosing a welding helmet is the number of sensors. As a rule of thumb, the number of sensors ranges from two to four, with two being often present on entry-level welding helmets and four on industrial use welding helmets. When the number of sensors is higher, the coverage is better, especially when it comes to welding jobs that require a lot of out of position welds that may obstruct the sensors. If you intend to use the helmet for industrial purposes, it is always a good idea to purchase a helmet with four sensors.

External vs. Internal Knobs

Some welding helmets have external knobs, whereas others have internal ones. There are advantages and disadvantages with each of the options. External knobs are placed on the outside of the helmet, allowing users to easily adjust them without having to remove their helmet. However, external harps may make it hard for users to work in a confined area such as a narrow part of a garage or under a car.

Helmets with internal knobs needs to be removed every time users need to adjust it. This is because the knob is placed on the inside of

Not all welding helmets are created equal when it comes to viewing size, and this is one of the most important considerations when you shop for an auto darkening welding helmet. A typical view size on a welding helmet ranges from square inches to square inches, with the latter being a suitable choice for heavy-duty or industrial use. You must decide the view size for your helmet according to your personal comfort and preferences, but also keeping in mind the amount of out of position jobs you are likely to do.

Power Source

Many premium auto darkening helmets, as you’ll figure out from the welding helmet reviews, are empowered by an internal, on-replaceable battery along with a solar energy panel. The solar assist panel often requires to be charged over a certain period in the sunlight after first use, as well as during the period of inactivity. The real bummer with the solar powered helmets is that you’ve to charge it for a long time even if has not been in use for a prolonged period, therefore you can’t just weld right away the moment you need to. The choicest picks are those which run on both solar assist panels and replaceable batteries. As for the batteries, you better go with AAA lithium batteries. These are light on pocket and easy to find at any hardware store.

Number of ARC Sensors and Helmet Weight

Noticing the number of the arc sensor controls on the helmet is undoubtedly critical. Depending on the external light environment and variation of welding techniques you apply, the arc sensors will regulate the darkening of the lens. Most top-grade models are equipped with at least arc sensors.

Paying close attention to the weight of the helmet is equally important. A heavy weight helmet is likely to put unnecessary strain on your neck and aggravate the fatigue. For optimal comfort, go for a lighter weight model.

Viewing Areas Size

The helmet’s viewing size also is a major factor to consider. Some of the largest view sizes in auto-darkening models have a view size that measures 97x 6mm (3.8x 2.4inches) or larger, which aids in delivering a clear natural view.

Number of Sensors

Count the number of arc sensors on the helmet. Inexpensive auto-darkening helmets will have only one or two arc sensors, while premium models generally have four or more arc sensors. Simply put, with more arc sensors, there is less chance that the helmet will fail to darken as necessary.

Manual vs. Auto Darkening

One of the most important parts of a welding helmet is the ability to adjust your shade setting. When you’re walking around, you need to see everything in front of you clearly so that you don’t bump into anything.  When you’re working, however, you need to see what’s happening, which is impossible unless you have a thick shade to prevent your eyes from going blind.

In welding helmets, there are two types that you can choose: manual or auto-darkening. Personally, I would prefer an auto version every time, because it not only helps ensure that my eyes are protected while working, but it helps me become more efficient at my job.

Since I don’t need to fiddle with the shade adjustment all the time, I can focus more on my welds than my helmet. For that reason, many helmets out there today are automatic, but that doesn’t mean that manual helmets don’t still exist.

When picking out your model, be sure that it comes with this feature since there is really no reason to go manual.

View Size

When I’m welding, I like to see as much as I can. Some helmets have such a narrow field of vision that it can be somewhat jarring. Unfortunately, there is no standard view size for welding helmets, which means that companies make their screens as big or small as they want.

When picking out a helmet, make sure to get one that has a view screen that matches your comfort level. If you’re new to welding, I would suggest getting a model with a larger window, but if you’re an old pro, then you will know what works best.

Overall, when it comes to welding helmet view screens, size does matter.

Other Features

While the above factors are probably the most important while choosing the best auto darkening welding helmet, there are some other accessories and design features that you can pick out to make your helmet better. Here are some other things to think about when picking out your ideal model.

If you want your helmet to stand out among the others (or you just want to be able to find it easily) you can opt for a model that has a bold, usually kick ass design. For some reason, many manufacturers add elaborate colors and designs to welding helmets, so if you want style as well as substance, keep that in mind.

Digital Controls

Since you’ll probably be adjusting and fiddling with your helmet on the job (rather than on your break or off time), that means you’ll most likely be using the controls with your gloves.

Some higher end models have a digital control panel that can be activated easily with gloves or without, so that’s something to keep in mind. Also, digital controls are generally much easier and user-friendly.

Don’t Go Too Cheap

All we know that there is an inverse  relation between the price and the quality of any goods. Problem is we want to save some money while going to buy anything but is is a bad habit.

Some cheap helmet are made of low quality materials and my be break. So, go for least quality product in least price.  So avoid cheap welding helmets rather go for recommended helmets. 

Solar Battery Life Extender​

It extends welding hours. Decreases battery replacement cost and downtime, Solar cell increases economical operation.​

Intellisense​ less than amps it allows unit to detect welds3N1: Weld (shade 8.5-12.5), modes of operation grind (clear state), one hood for every welding process and oxyfuel gas cutting (shade 5).​

Know the nature of your welding work​

Do you have an experience over a big project or a small, sky scrapper workplace? Do not by any other welding helmet. You should go for one that will be the best for your needs.

It is the best auto darkening welding helmet that will meet your needs. You better know what the top auto darkening welding helmet will be used on.​

For example, if you are an amateur or hobbyist welder or only home welders do not go for an expensive helmet that is professional. If you only work on a small amount, save money by opting a cheaper welding helmet.

Do Not Exceed Your Budget​

If you are not able to afford a good helmet with digital features, try to go for a lesser priced one but still retain quality. Not every welder has the right budget but to protect him is the right of all the welders from danger and UV light that can damage their eyes.

So, before you go for a helmet with tons of features, always take a consideration the safety feature first.​

Auto-darkening welding helmets

Forney Industries has gone above and beyond to ensure we’ve designed the best welding helmets that meet the needs of the beginner to the professional. We worked with welding engineers and industry experts to carefully craft and design our auto-darkening welding helmets. These helmets are held to the highest standards available on the market.

In order to accommodate every level of welding, Forney Industries designed three helmet varieties that caters to each skill level: the Premier Series™, Advantage Series ™, and Master Series™. 

Long Lasting Performance

These auto-darkening welding helmets have increased functionality, which enables longer performance when compared to basic welding helmets. They are also economical for a wide range of intermediary user needs. This series of welding helmets is perfect for intermediate to advanced welders and are lightweight and comfortable.

Welding Shades

The light given off during most welding processes is as bright as the sun, which makes retinal damage a real issue for welders, according to Barker. Welders are protected from this light by wearing a very dark filter that allows them to look safely at the welding arc, enabling them to produce a quality welded seam.

The type of welding application determines the correct shade for eye protection. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulation 1910.13contains a guide for choosing the appropriate filter lenses, based on various operations (see Figure 1at the bottom of page). OSHA recommends that welders start with a shade that is too dark to see the weld zone, then go to a lighter shade that allows for a sufficient view of the weld zone without going below the minimum recommended protective shade.


The FABRICATOR is North America’s leading magazine for the metal forming and fabricating industry. The magazine delivers the news, technical articles, and case histories that enable fabricators to do their jobs more efficiently. The FABRICATOR has served the industry since 1971.

The Welder Chassis

The chassis is the case and wheels that contain the MIG welder. The main things to consider are whether it has wheels – make anything bigger than the smallest hobby welder much easier to move around, and whether is has a shelf on the back for a decent gas bottle. Most sub-150 amp welders don’t have a gas bottle

The chassis isn’t a major consideration as making a welder trolly can be a great first welding project.

Gas vs Gas less

MIG needs some sort of shielding gas to keep oxygen away from the weld. The choices are gas shielded (oxygen is displaced by an inert or semi-inert (active) gas mix contained in a bottle), and flux cored wire (where a protective covering is produced by a compound included in the wire itself). There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of welding, but gas shielded is by far the nicer method to use, so unless you know you’ll only want to weld with flux cored wire it makes sense to go for a welder that can do both, or a gas shielded only welder.

There’s a page about gasless welding, but in summary you can’t see what you are doing, it spatters a lot, and needs the slag brushing off before painting. On the positive side it can be used outdoors in the wind just as effectively as indoors, and the weld quality and strength is

OK once you get the hang of it.

Things become easier with gas shielding. You can see the weld pool, the welds are neater, there is less spatter. The disadvantages are the cost of gas for occasional users, and the need for wind shielding if welding outside.

Gas comes in different sizes and tends to be consumed at around liters per minute. So the tiny disposable bottles costing £will last for minutes of continuous welding (about 1m of weld). The BOC size X bottles hold 2,300 liters and cost £50 per year bottle rental plus £30 per bottle full of gas. For a car restoration that would take a year they work out at 1/of the price of the disposable bottles. Another alternative is to use COfrom

Gas Regulator

The main choice in gas regulator for a full sized bottle is whether to go for the cheaper single gauge one (that measures the pressure remaining in the bottle) or the twin gauge (which also measures flow rate). The twin gauge ones are only £more expensive and you’ll probably save that in gas if you overestimate

Molten metal is hot, and the UV light produced by welding is a lot stronger and nastier than sunlight. Cotton overalls and welding gauntlets (thick heat resistant gloves) are a must.

Synergic and Inverter MIGs

Inverters are finding their way into MIG welders, and they can offer a lot of features at a lower cost to the traditional transformer based welders.

The inverter technology started off in high end sets aimed at increasing the deposition rate (and speed of welding) in high amp spray transfer, and avoiding the transitional globular transfer phase.

These days inverter technology has also started to find it’s way into hobby welders. Inverter welders use electronic wizardry (rather than traditional transformers) to create the welding arc. The advantage is the arc can be controlled by the electronics and manipulated to make welding a whole lot


You just warped the metal from all that extra heat and metal you laid down while you were looking for the seam. Remember this! When you pull the trigger on a mig gun, there is no hang time. The mig gun is like a cold hearted woman and does not care if you are ready. It is laying down metal… I mean right now!

So guess what? You have to be ready right now! That’s what an auto darkening helmet does for you. It lets you be ready when the welding starts, not a second later, when it’s too late to recover. It’s not like you can just whip some white-out and get rid of the weld. You will have to grind it out. And grinding sucks!

I will say it again in case you didn’t get it the first time….Every single person who buys a welding machine should buy an auto darkening welding helmet! Even if you have to settle for a cheaper one… just get one. Did you click to order one yet? WTF? what are you waiting for?

But what kind of Auto Darkening Welding Helmet should you buy?

Solar powered batteries

Possible to worn with a hard hat and retrofitted with Optrel respirator

User-friendly external controls make welding more like fun, and the welder is hundred percent protected in the environment.

Lightweight features aid welder to work longer except neck fatigue.

Optrel e680 is rich featured and comparatively cheaper than other brands in the market.

The viewing space is smaller, the field of vision is wider

Sealed battery may not recharge, but they last for longer time. >>Check Latest Price of  Welding Helmet, e680<<

Optrel 1007.000 p550 Welding Helmet

The Pro Range from optrel is a good helmet for welding methods. The optrel p 550 and the high-quality auto darkening shell ensure long life and excellent standard for the welders.

The scope and headband of the helmet are that it offers great protection and comfort for the users. Happy to hear the new of the welder and cover concept, the helmet is useful to locks at the time of your need.

Revolutionary Comfort

Do you like to do welding for a long time? Keep in mind that the Optrel helmets are made with special care. It gives comfort to the welders’ head, reduces neck and head strain. Along with it is very lightweight and has technical innovations which particularly develop a welder’s well being.

Lightweight Design

Optrel helmet will give comfort for the welder though he works for a few hours, for a full day or a few minutes. The helmet sits comfortably and minimizes unnecessary pressure. Moreover, it is made to be lighter in the head and neck strain.

Eye Fatigue Reduction

Optrel’s exclusive Twilight ADF Technology revives light usually giving a smoother transition for the eyes, lessens eye fatigue for welders. It also aids welders to do work for a long time and enables them to work more comfortably and safer.

Cooling Helmets

The new Optrel 684’s special silver helmet reflects heat and light, therefore keeps the head cool 23% more than the other dark or unpainted helmets. For some extreme atmosphere, welders can work for a long time feeling more comfortable.

Welding Processes – Stick Welding

Stick welding is a process done using a welding rod that sends the electric current and makes most of the weld metal. The rod is made of a core wire that is coated in flux. An electric arc is made between the gaps of metal when the energized circuit and the welding rod tip touches. The heat melts the metal and the welding rod resulting in the weld. During all this, the melted metal is kept safe from the oxides and nitrides that are floating around in the air by the flux coating disappearing.

The Metal thickness and size of wire weld

The thickness of the wire will need to be chosen by the thickness of the metal that will be welded. Usually, the wire needs to be the same as the metal you plan to weld. For example, if the metal is stainless steel then the electrode wire will need to be stainless steel too. Just remember, for thicker metals use a wire that is larger and uses smaller wire for the thin metals. ​Portability, size, and weight

To choose the portability, size, and weight, think about what you will be needing the welding machine for. If it will be moved around a lot then you need a welder that is not going to weigh that much. The size is typically the power of the welder, if you have a big job to do then the size will need to be big as well to do you project correctly. If you only want to use the machine for smaller jobs then you will not as much power so the size will be ok if you get something smaller.

Repair and Maintenance

The repair and maintenance are different for all welding machines. Most come with warranties so that will save you from taking money from your own pocket to replace anything that has messed up or needs to be fixed. If there is no warranty with your machine you choose then more than likely you will be coming out a lot of money on your own. If you have no option for a warranty, be sure to choose a welder that you can find parts for or someone to know how to repair it or else you will be buying a new machine if yours breaks down.

A few last things to keep in mind

Always remember to be careful and remember to practice safety techniques when using any type of welding machine. Wear a welding hood, gloves, safety glass, steel toe boots, and be considerate of others around you. If safety is not practiced you or someone around you could become seriously injured and you might be the cause of it by being careless and not following the proper guidelines. Safety should always come first before anything else. ​Remember the factors to consider before buying an MIG welder are all important and should be thought about very carefully. Always do a lot of research before buying one of the welding machines. Read reviews, testimonies, and plenty of articles about the product you are thinking about also. If you have to then make a pros and cons list of each product that you think is the best fit for yourself then, narrow it down by which product has the most functions which you will be needing. In my opinion, search out one of the brands discussed here if you want a long lasting product that will meet all your needs as well. They all have glowing reviews and people say each of these brands is better for anyone from beginning welders to the one with the most experience.

Campbell Hausfeld Welder WF2150 Flux Core Wire Feed Welder

How to Weld

In order to weld you must follow these fourteen steps to ensure you are doing everything correctly. Make sure you have everything you need to weld. You will need the welding machine, electrode holder with lead, ground clamps with lead, electrodes, and metal you are going to weld. Put on your safety gear. You will need to make sure you are wearing your helmet with a shade of or higher, a welding jacket or cotton sweatshirt, pants with no cuffs, work boots, gloves, and safety glasses fro your eyes. Not wearing this stuff can harm you and it can be life changing. 

When ready to weld make sure nothing flammable is in the way. Have a good surface to weld on. Set up your machine. you will need to set the amperage to ninety to a hundred and twenty. Should be adjusted to the metal thickness and electrode diameter. Use correct electrode. Select the electrode appropriate for AC or DC welding. Make sure that you have dry electrodes. Make sure the metal is clean before welding it. Set your joints when you need them. Start welding after all this is ready. To start welding strike a welding arc. Build up your weld pool. Start moving the weld pool across the metal pieces. Then finish your job. Make sure you allow the metal to cool before touching bare handed.

How to Mig Weld

Mig welding is the easiest way to learn how to weld. Mig welding is when a wire is automatically fed into the weld puddle. In order o Mig weld you first need to install the wire. Then you need to set the power and wire speed calculator. Now you need to look at all the speeds you need to set, such as wire speed and power speed. Make sure you can develop neatness and techniques before attempting to join the two pieces together. It is a very tricky first weld. Always follow safety rules when welding so you or no one else gets hurt.

What is Welding

Welding is the joining of two parts of metal by heating the surfaces to the point that they meSomething can be welded together using a blowtorch, electric arc, or any other types of welds.Welding two piece of metal together to make high strength joints. You can weld different types of metal. Welding can be done using machinery or revolutionary technology. This includes electron beams, lasers, ultrasonic and friction stirs. Welding can be used in making cars and other vehicles, construction building, bridges. You can weld underwater which is very dangerous.

What is Mig Welding

Mig welding is a process of using electricity to melt down and join pieces of metal together. Some people refer to MIG welding as a hot glue gun. Taking one piece of metal and getting it so hot that it melts to another piece of metal. The melting of this two piece will join the metal together to make it a whole piece of metal. This is the easiest type of welding there is. This type of welding is a process in which electric arc forms between a consumable wire electrode and the two pieces of metal are bound together.

What is A Mig Welder

A MIG welder is a wire feed type welder. A spool inside the welder lets out wire so that you can melt it to the two pieces of metal and join them together. You can use different heat settings with a MIG welder. You have to make sure you get the heat and feed settings right to really get the hang of it.

How to Use A Mig Welder

In order to use a MIG welder You first must know what it is. Now if you know what it is you know it uses wire that is fed through the contact tip into the MIG gun. Feed the wire to the torch and then you must adjust the tension. Make sure you are using the proper shielding gas.

How to Mig Weld Steel

Determine the best joining method for your base metal. Secure the metals together with fixtures and jigs. Choose the best compatible shielding gas. Decide on the filler metal. Bring the stainless steel to room temperature. Then apply the welding torch to the metal. You ill need to apply post heat after welding stainless steel.

What is the Difference Between a Mig and Tig Welder

The difference between the two is that the MIG welder uses a continuously feeding wire? The tig welder uses long welding rods and slowly feeds them into the weld puddle. The proper name for an MIG welder is a metal inert gas and for tig, it is tungsten inert gas.

Which Gas For Mig Welding

The gas for a Mig welder is a combination of Argon Carbon Dioxide and Oxygen. If you are welding steel then you will use the combination of Cor 2% Carbon Dioxide and 98% Argon. With some cases, you have a tri-mix shielding gas containing 90% Helium, 7.5% Argon, and 2.5% Carbon Dioxide.





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Final Word

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Most important, have fun and choose your Welding Helmets wisely! Good luck!

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